Yanks Fall !!! …. Texas Rangers Win AL Crown !!!


“The New York Yankees ultimate goal every year is to win the World Series;  anything less is a failure.”

                                               … New York Yankees, Mission Statement,

                                                   Every New Baseball Season !


The final out has been made by the Yankees this year. And its official. The New York Yankees 2010 season was a failure.

As Game Six in the ALCS was approaching with the Texas Rangers leading the Yanks three games to two, everybody seemed to be talking about the great task the Yankees had in front of them facing Cliff Lee in the deciding Game Seven of this series. But all the focus should have been on the other Ranger starter with the initials C.L., Colby Lewis, who tossed a gem over eight outstanding innings, leading the Rangers to a 6-1 victory in Game Six that clinched the American League Championship for the Texas ball club, and positioned them into the World Series for the first time in their history.  

The defending World Champion New York Yankees were out-pitched, out-hit, and out-played in every way possible in this series, and really deserved to leave Texas with only the final outcome that became a reality because of their bad play and the great play of the Rangers. All we can do in the Yankees Universe, is just “tip our collective hats” to the Texas Rangers, and wish them well in their upcoming World Series appearance.

As the “Captain” Derek Jeter said, of the Rangers, “They hit better, they pitched better, they played better. What else can you say?”

The Yankees did enter the bottom of the fifth in this game with the score tied 1-1. And Phil Hughes was pitching okay up to this point. But then the damage occurred. With two outs and a runner on base, Joe Girardi decided to intentionally walk Josh Hamilton, again, to bring Vladimir Guerrero up to the plate.

Over-managing? Well, Guerrero is one of the best hitters in the baseball. And you can only go to the “well” so many times. It was just a matter of time before the Rangers clean up hitter was going to get a big hit. And boom! Guerrero stroked a solid line-drive double over the head of center fielder Granderson to drive home two runs for a 3-1 Texas lead.

Girardi then decided to bring David Robertson into the game to pitch to the next batter Nelson Cruz, who blasted a two-run homer to increase the Rangers lead to 5-1. That was the final knockout blow, or so it seemed, as the Yankees never really recovered from that four-run inning. The rest of the way it was all Rangers, and just a matter of ticking off the remaining innings before the Ranger players celebrated their fine performance on this October night in Texas.

The Rangers scored their final run in the seventh inning to cap the score at 6-1.

Colby Lewis (W,2-0), ended up tossing 102 pitches in his eight innings of brilliance on the mound, allowing one run, on only three hits, three walks, and seven strikeouts. A worthy performance for the C.L. initialed starting pitcher.

Rangers closer Feliz pitched a scoreless ninth to end the game, which started a victory celebration for the Texas faithful.

Josh Hamilton was named the MVP of the series. He hit .350, with four home runs, seven RBI’s, and all those walks.

So a very disappointing ending to an overall very good Yankees season. And the season ends without our 28th World Championship. At least all in the Yankees Universe will know what uniform number Joe Girardi will be wearing next season.

On that note, I will give Manager Joe Girardi the final words on this ALCS …

“We didn’t accomplish what we set out to. As I told my guys, this hurts. It’s not a lot of fun watching other teams celebrate. They beat us; they out-hit us; they out-pitched us; and they out-played us.”           

Only four months to pitchers and catchers !!!


— Jimmy Curran, “BY&L” – Baseball, The Yankees, and Life …  





  1. raysrenegade

    I do not hold the opinion that it was a failure, butmore that they were unable to fully fulfill the dream.
    So many questions were answered and raised about this team this year that either need to be addressed or fortified in 2011.
    The 2010 Yankee experience did not end the way the pinstripe multitude imagined or dreamed, but they fought to the end like warriors which says volume about the leadership of the clubhouse.
    Now it is time to formulate and devise a way to take the additional step this Spring to get past the 2010 hurdle and end the season with a tickertape celebration.
    Some say that the more we fall, the more we learn about ourselves and prepare ourselves for the next obstacle.

    Rays Renegade


  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hi Cliff,

    It was very disappointing to lose to the Texas Rangers in the ALCS, but I really was not surprised … The Yankees did not play very well from August to the end of the season, and this seemed to carry into the playoffs, at least in the Texas series … The Yankees goal should have been to “go all out” to win the AL East, then worry about resting players and setting-up the pitching rotation and bullpen. But Girardi and Cashman were both sending out “mixed messages” that made it seem like the Yankees would be content to enter the playoffs as the wild card team. And that is what happened … I give Joe Maddon a lot of credit for stating very clearly [in all the interviews I heard him speak], that the Rays goal was to win the AL East, period. He was not taking about a wild card finish. He was focusing on winning the Division. And that’s the approach, I think, the Yankees braintrust shoud have taken !!!
    Yes, the Yankees have many decisions to make in the off-season to, as you said, “get past the 2010 hurdle” and go onto a “tickertape celebration” in 2011 … Hopefully the Yankees braintrust will learn from the mistakes made in 2010, and make adjustments that will improve the team for the 2011 season … This Yankees “Fall” is a very humbling experience for all in the Yankees Universe … It will be very interesting to see how the new leadership of Hank and Hal Steinbrenner will react, and if they will rebuild the Yankee team in the same fashion as their Dad “The Boss” did during his many great years as the Yankee Owner !!!
    Cliff, (RaysRenegade), “Congratulations” on the great season the Rays had in 2010 … I look forward to another exciting pennant race in the AL East and American League in 2011 !!!
    Take care,
    Jimmy “BY&L”

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Virginia (southernbelle),
    Well, we can only blame Joe Girardi so much. And he does deserve some of the blame for the loss to the Rangers … I agree, Girardi over-managed in this series, as well as during the regular season … But ultimately it is the players on the field that win and lose each game … Like you said, the Yankees “just didn’t play well when it counted”. And that really is the story of this post-season !!!
    It will be an interesting “off-season” for the whole Yankees Organization, as they have many decisions to make … So, maybe, it will not be that boring … But without any baseball being played for four months, always makes this time of the year “very boring” as far as sports is concerned !!! … The other sports can take up some of our time, but they will never compare to “Our Great Game of Baseball” !!!
    All Yankee fans live with the hope that the 2011 season will end with the Yankees winning their 28th World Championship !!!
    Take care, Virginia …
    Jimmy, “BY&L”

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