Not Wild About Yanks Wild Card Finish …

But …

The Yankees did hold on to make the Playoffs, even though they finished the season with a (9-17) record over the final 26 games.

This weak finish resulted in the New York Yankees (95-67) not winning the AL East, the toughest division in all of Baseball, which placed the Bronx Bombers in second place behind the first place Tampa Bay Rays (96-66), who also did not play very well down the stretch. Thus, the Yankees entered the 2010 post season via the “wild card” route.

Overall, though, it was a great season for the Yankees. And with all the talk about who the Yanks MVP was this season, in my view, that honor belongs to CC Sabathia (21-7) with a 3.13 ERA. This opinion also extends to CC being honored with the American League MVP Award, as well as the AL Cy Young Award.

Without Sabathia’s great pitching performances throughout the 2010 season, the Yankees would not be playing in the post-season this year. CC was “Money” all year long. Especially considering A.J. Burnett’s (10-15) lost season on the mound; Andy Pettitte’s injury at mid-season; And Phil Hughes not pitching as well in the second half of the season as he did in the first half. The rest of the starting rotation was okay at best, while CC was the Yanks “Ace”, “MVP”, and should be awarded the AL “Cy Young Award”, and AL “MVP” Award.   

My opinion about CC being the Yanks MVP takes nothing away from the Yankees great lineup which was “awesome” this season. It’s just, I think, without CC Sabathia pitching as well as he did this year, the New York Yankees would not be playing ball this October. CC was the main key to victory for the Yanks in 2010. He was the one Yankee, at least in this season, and in my opinion, that was “indispensable”, even more so than the “Great Mariano” Rivera.  

Anyway, its great that September finally ended. There were way too many “mixed messages” being sent out by the Yankees braintrust about wanting to win the AL East. But if the Yankees finished second, that seemed to be okay with Manager Joe Girardi and General Manager Brian Cashman, as the Yanks would enter the playoffs as the wild card team. And so, that ended up being the result. A second place finish by the Bombers. A wild card berth into October baseball.

Of course, the ultimate goal for the Yankees every year is to win the World Series. Anything less would be a failure. So seeing the Yankees playing important games in October once again puts their second place finish this season into a distant memory.

Another “Fall Classic” is clearly in sight for the Yankees. And when the sun sets on this Baseball Season, all Yankee fans hope the #27 will fade into the horizon of the great Yankees history and tradition, with a new number, #28, raising up to take its place center stage in the Yankees Universe, “shining” for all to see, and glowing proudly …  

“New York Yankees, 2010 World Champions” !!!


Enjoy the “Playoffs”, everybody …


– Jimmy Curran, “BY&L” – Baseball, The Yankees, and Life …      


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