* 600 … Does It Really Matter Anymore?

After the Yankees big 5-1 win against the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday afternoon at the Stadium, the only numbers that I am concerned about are: 67-40 and 67-40, which are the records of the Yanks and Tampa Bay Rays, tied for first place atop the AL East.

Alex Rodriguez’s homerun in the first inning was only a side note as far as I’m concerned, except for the fact that it helped the Yankees win a very important game, avoiding the Yanks being swept by the Blue Jays. Also, the win kept the Bronx Bombers on pace with the Rays, who lost to the Twins 2-1 last night in 13 innings.

When these milestone Home Run records are reached in this era of baseabll, such as A-Rod’s 600th yesterday, my thoughts always turn to Babe Ruth, reflecting on true greatness. But, it seems most fans have forgotten about The Babe of late.

In my view, maybe it’s time for Major League Baseball to do a better job of promoting Babe Ruth, and refocusing attention on the greatest player and homerun hitter in the history of our National Pastime.

My suggestion would be to encourage MLB to release a statement sometime before the end of this season, proclaiming the greatness of Babe Ruth [I know, as if this really is necessary]. But, the statement would acknowledge this very real fact. And maybe it is something that is needed to done at this time – something that is long overdue.

Included in the statement should be a missive informing all in the Baseball World that starting at the beginning of the 2011 season, the great Babe Ruth’s #3 will be permanently retired throughout all of Baseball … the same honor that Baseball has bestowed on Jackie Robinson by retiring his #42 throughout all of Major League Baseball.

Numbers are very sacred in the history of baseball. And with the many records being broken in recent years, many tainted because of alleged or admitted use of performance-enhancing drugs, these records should probably have an asterisk attached to them [in some form or another] for the overall good of the “Game”.

Retiring Babe Ruth’s #3, and issuing asterisk’s on tainted homerun records and other questionable baseball records, will be a great start to fully putting the Steroid Era behind us, while also honoring Baseball’s “Greatest Player”.

So, congratulations to Alex Rodriguez, ’cause he helped the Yankees win a big ballgame yesterday.

In the Yankees Universe, though, as the season continues, the only number that Yankee fans will care about, and be focused on, will be #28, as in the New York Yankees winning their 28th World Championship.


To view Babe Ruth’s lifetime stats, click on: Babe Ruth 


– Jimmy Curran, “BY&L” – Baseball, The Yankees, and Life …  




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