Next Yankee Number To Be Retired: #27 (?) …

The question is: Should the New York Yankees retire Joe Girardi’s #27 ?

Well, Manager Joe Girardi has stated that he intends to switch to uniform number 28 this season as motivation for the Yankees journey in pursuit of their 28th World Championship in 2010.

At first, I thought this switch to #28 by Girardi was a bad idea because #27 is now such a special number in Yankees history. And one would think Girardi would always want to treasure the accomplishment of managing the Yankees to their 27th World Championship by proudly wearing that number on the back his Yankee uniform. Also, it is Girardi’s first World Championship as a manager.

But, the reason Girardi chose #27 when he was hired as manager in 2008, was as motivation for the Yankees winning their 27th World Championship. That goal was achieved last year, in the 2009 baseball season.

So, if Joe Girardi follows through on his plan to wear #28 starting in 2010, then: what happens to #27?

The number 27 can never really be given to other Yankee players to wear because of its significance as Joe Girardi’s number, worn during the year the Yankees won their 27th World Championship — their first World Series victory at the new Yankee Stadium.

Since Girardi will now be wearing #28, the only fitting way to properly honor his #27, is to “retire” the number in honor of: Joe Girardi; the Yankees 27th World Championship; and, the first World Championship at the new Yankee Stadium.

The New York Yankees have retired 15 numbers, (honoring 16 players and managers), in their history.

The last Yankee number to be retired was Ron Guidry’s #49 in 2003.

So, in my view, it is about time another Yankee number is retired.

And, why not #27?

Just a thought, on a very cold winter day in the Beautiful Bronx, New York.


Click to view: New York Yankees Retired Numbers  


— Jimmy, “BY&L”   




  1. xcicix

    It’s certainly an interesting idea, though the idea of retiring numbers is more symbolic of the player than of the number itself. Ultimately, the Yankees probably see it as just another championship (or at least “officially” they do) so while they’ll go all out on the celebrations in the beginning of the year, there probably won’t be more than that.

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, xcicix …

    Yeah, I agree, a number is always retired in honor of a player or manager. But, I guess, my thought process that the Yankees should retire #27 really came about because Joe Girardi has decided to change his number to #28 starting in the 2010 season … The #27 is now a very special Yankee number, and really cannot be given to any current or future Yankee players, managers, or coaches [in my opinion] … So, if the number is not going to be worn again [and, I really think it should never be worn again, except by Joe Girardi] — then, I think it would be a very unique gesture on the part of the New York Yankees organization to retire #27 in honor of: Joe Girardi; the Yankees 27th World Championship; and, in honor of the first World Championship at the new Yankee Stadium !!! … The 2009 Yankees World Championship was the “seventh” that I witnessed as a Yankees fan; and, to me, they are all very special … I would say, though, the Yankees 2009 World Series victory is my third most special Championship, behind the World Championships in 1977 and 1978, which are my number “one” and “two” favorites !!!
    xcicix, thanks for the visit and excellent comments !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  3. raysrenegade

    I do not see that number being retired just for the sake of Girardi.
    It might actually set a bad predicament that fans might want each number retired from 27 on now with the concurrent World Series Championship.
    Right now, in all reality it is more a time to relish and remember # 27 because in the next 14 days the quest for 28 will be upon the pinstripes.
    But then again, I am not a girardi fans as a player or a Manager….yet.

    Rays Renegade

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Rays Renegade …

    Well, yes, I do agree, it would set a bad precedent for the Yankees to retire each number from #27 on, based on the number of their World Championship victories … But, the main reason I came up with the idea of retiring #27 was based on the fact that Joe Girardi decided to change his number to #28 starting in the 2010 season … The number would not be retired to just honor Girardi … The retired #27 would also be in honor of the Yanks 27th World Series victory, as well as, their first World Championship at the new Yankee Stadium … Obviously, this would be a special circumstance, and ceremony, that would not be repeated for the next Yankee World Championship(s).
    Certainly, at this point in his managerial career, Girardi is not in the same class as the Yankee managers: (#37) Casey Stengel and (#1) Billy Martin, who both have had their number retired; and, also, (#6) Joe Torre, who should [also] definitely be honored by having his number retired by the Yankees organization [soon] …. It would be interesting, though, if Joe Girardi won “five” World Championships as Yankee manager, ’cause, then, the next number on the list would be #32 — and, that number is already retired in honor of the great Yankee catcher, Elston Howard !!! … Well, Girardi is still very young, and probably will be managing for at least the next 20 years … If he is around that long [hopefully, as the Yankees manager], then, I am sure he will be receiving many honors, including, “one” of his numbers being retired by the Yankees !!!
    Take care, Rays Renegade !!! … Thanks for the visit !!!
    “Think Spring” …
    Baseball is only a couple of weeks away !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  5. greg1969

    Hey, Jimmy! I hadn’t noticed you were back posting again, but I finally saw your URL on another site, so I wanted to check your posts out! I wasn’t sure when you’d return from hiatus! πŸ˜‰ I hope your Christmas season was a blessed one. On to Spring Training!
    I thought your idea about retiring the number 27 was an interesting one. I think it could make some sense, in that it was the inaugural season at your new Yankee Stadium, but that would be the only reason I could really see for it–otherwise, you’d run out of numbers sooner rather than later (you’d have to start using triple digits)! πŸ˜‰ But I could see why you’d think about retiring the number 27.
    I noticed you did not like some of the moves your Front Office had made, most recently letting Matsui go. I wondered if you, let alone other Yankee fans, would like that move, not to mention Damon and (before that) Abreu. While I think Granderson will be a good fit for your outfield, I think you will miss Matsui and Damon quite a bit. And yeah, the way Matsui was let go did not sound like the best outcome–we had a similar situation with Jason Bay and the Red Sox–he did not leave under the best of circumstances, either. Hmmm!…
    Anyhow, now that I see you are back and posting, I’ll check back with you more often, at least until the season starts!
    By the way, I like your Genesis 1:31 reference! πŸ™‚
    Take care, Jimmy!

  6. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Greg … Thanks for the visit !!!
    Well, yes, I have taken a little time off from my blogging activities here at my mlblog, and, also, throughout the mlblogosphere … Partly, because it was a long season and I just needed some time to recharge my batteries to get ready to focus on the new baseball season ahead … Also, my time has been greatly limited because of my very busy schedule in my everyday life … So, I have not had as much time as I would like — to write “new posts” or offer “commentary” on a regular basis on my blog and on other mlblogs … But, I am trying to set aside more time each day for my blogging and comments, especially, at this time of the year, with Spring Training, 2010, about a week away !!!
    The Yankees retiring #27 would be a special symbolic gesture honoring the Yanks 2009 World Championship season … My thoughts were directed to this idea when I heard that Joe Girardi was planning on wearing #28 starting in 2010 … That would leave #27 as an open number on the Yankees roster. And, I just think it would be best to retire the number at this time — an honor for all time !!!
    Anyway, it will be fun to see who will be the first Yankee player to wear a “triple-digit” number on his uniform … Maybe, 50 years from now, or sooner, as many more Yankee numbers will be retired in the upcoming years … For sure, #2, #6, #42, and maybe #27, will be retired in the next five years or so !!!
    I will miss Matsui and Damon this season; and, still miss Abreu. And, I know all Red Sox fans will miss Jason Bay … But, I look forward to the 2010 season, and of course, all the games vs. the Boston Red Sox … The Yankees open and close their season at Fenway Park … Wow !!! … That certainly is interesting scheduling … But, all those games will be fun to watch — “playoff games, always” !!!
    Greg, thanks, again, for your visit and great comments and thoughts … Also, thanks for your kind words about my Genesis 1:31 quote in my mlblog title … Yes, indeed: God created everything, and it is all very good !!!
    Best Wishes, Greg1969 …
    I hope you also had a great Christmas season !!!
    And, I know, we both look forward to a great 2010 Baseball Season !!!
    — Jimmy 27nyy, “BY&L”

  7. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, irishyank2 …

    I agree … Bernie Williams had a great career, and was a great Yankee !!! … He certainly does deserve to have his number retired. And, I hope the Yankees do honor Bernie by retiring his #51 at some point in the future !!!
    Thanks for the visit, irishyank2 !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  8. Elizabeth D

    Hi Jimmy! How’s it going? This is a very interesting point you raise. I think it could go both ways. The fact that Girardi chose number 27 for a reason–and then accomplished that reason–is significant, and it will always be a special number in Yankees history. I don’t really think it should be retired though… that’s just my opinion though.

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hi Elizabeth …

    I’m doing okay … Thank you !!! … Just getting ready for Spring Training and the new Baseball Season after a little break from blogging this winter …
    I hope all is going well with you !!!
    The number 27 …
    What should the Yankees do with this special number ?
    I got the idea that the Yankees should retire #27 after Joe Girardi decided to switch to #28 starting this season, 2010 … This number will probably not be retired this year [maybe at some future date ?] … But, it was just a thought on my part that since Girardi will not be wearing the number anymore, the #27 really cannot be worn by any other Yankee players; coaches; or managers [except, of course, Joe Girardi], now, or in the future … This would be a “one-time” retiring of a number based on the special significance of 2009: Girardi; the Yanks 27th World Championship; and, the first World Championship at the new Yankee Stadium … If Joe Girardi keeps changing uniform numbers based on World Series victories he wins as manager, then, certainly, I would not advocate the Yankees retiring: #28, #29, #30, #31, in honor of Girardi … But, if Joe Girardi does end up with “five” World Championships as Yankees Manager, he will run into a little problem when he reaches #32, which is retired in honor of Elston Howard …. Maybe, then, Girardi will wear #27 again; and, if that happens, surely, #27 will be retired when Joe Girardi retires !!!
    Thanks for the visit, Elizabeth !!!
    It is good to see you [also] back blogging again !!!
    I will visit your mlblog soon !!!
    Best Wishes,
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

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