Road To The 2009 MLB World Championship

I do not usually like to make predictions ’cause you never know how a baseball game or series is going to turn out. Any team can get hot at the right time of the year, and go on to win big ball games and Championship series’, all the way to winning the World Series.

Also, if the New York Yankees are involved in any playoff or World Series games, I am always going to to root for my all-time favorite team, the Bronx Bombers, throughout the post-season. So, I will never pick the Yankees to lose a series.

With all the above said, the following are my views on which teams will win the Division and Championship Series’ in both leagues, and, also, the 2009 World Series winner …



Yankees over Twins    —  4 games

Red Sox over Angels   —  5 games 



Dodgers over Cardinals  —  5 games

Phillies over Rockies      —  4 games



Yankees over Red Sox  —  7 games



Dodgers over Phillies    —  7 games



New York Yankees over Los Angeles Dodgers  —  6 games


The New York Yankees, 2009 World Champions …

Their 27th World Championship !!!



Congratulations to all teams playing in the 2009 Post-Season !!!

May every “game” and each “series” be fun and exciting to watch !!!


Everybody, enjoy all the baseball action !!!


— Jimmy, “BY&L”




  1. juliasrants

    Jimmy – I wish your prediction for the Red Sox had come true, but it wasn’t meant to be this season. Congrats – real Yankee fans like you have waited a long time. Thank you for being a gracious fan all season – it has been a pleasure enjoying our teams’ battles with you!


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