“A Season Within A Season”, 2009

* Updated: September 27, 2009 …  


The New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox is the greatest “rivalry” in the history of baseball and all sports.

Every game that is played by these two great teams each year takes on a very unique meaning with a playoff atmosphere, and really becomes its own very special “season within a season” in the overall American League schedule each year.  

This is the reason I coined the phrase “A Season Within A Season” for this great rivalry last year, and look to continue this special reflection on the Yankees vs. Red Sox games in 2009 and future seasons.

So, as a way of getting ready for the beginning of the games between both teams in 2009, the following is a listing of their scheduled games this upcoming year. I will offer my thoughts with updates, scores and highlights of each game throughout the year, and most importantly, look forward to all the comments, thoughts, and opinions of viewers of my mlblog.

My hope is, this ongoing season-long “post” will become a site where mlbloggers will visit throughout this season with their thoughts on each game, and any other comments or stories related to the great New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox rivalry.

Please let me know what think; and, also, feel free to offer any suggestions that you may have. Of course, I welcome all Yankee and Red Sox fans, as well as, all baseball fans, to visit any time to become a part of this great rivalry and tradition which is the most unique in baseball and all sports !!!


* Updated: Monday, August 24, 2009 … Check-out “post” below, and please offer any comments, thoughts, or observations that you may want to include in this “season-long” tribute in honor the great New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox rivalry …

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“A Season Within A Season”, 2009 …

* Game # 1  —  April 24, 2009  – Red Sox  5,  Yankees  4, (11) – Fenway Park

* Game # 2  —  April 25, 2009  – Red Sox 16, Yankees 11        (Fenway Park)

* Game # 3  —  April 26, 2009  – Red Sox  4, Yankees  1         (Fenway Park)


* Game # 4  —  May  4, 2009   –  Red Sox 6, Yankees 4    (Yankee Stadium)

* Game # 5  —  May  5, 2009   –  Red Sox 7, Yankees 3     (Yankee Stadium)


* Game # 6  —  June  9, 2009   – Red Sox 7, Yankees 0      (Fenway Park)

* Game # 7  —  June 10, 2009  – Red Sox 6, Yankees 5      (Fenway Park)

* Game # 8  —  June 11, 2009  – Red Sox 4, Yankees 3      (Fenway Park) 


* Game # 9   –  August 6, 2009  – Yankees 13, Red Sox 6      (Yankee Stadium)

* Game #10  –  August 7, 2009  – Yankees  2, Red Sox 0, (15) – Yankee Stadium

* Game #11  –  August 8, 2009  – Yankees  5, Red Sox 0       (Yankee Stadium)

* Game #12  –  August 9, 2009  – Yankees  5, Red Sox 2       (Yankee Stadium)


* Game #13  –  August 21, 2009  – Yankees 20, Red Sox 11     (Fenway Park)

* Game #14  –  August 22, 2009  –  Red Sox 14, Yankees  1     (Fenway Park)

* Game #15  –  August 23, 2009  –  Yankees  8, Red Sox 4       (Fenway Park)


* Game #16  –  September 25, 2009 – Yankees 9, Red Sox 5    (Yankee Stadium)

* Game #17  –  September 26, 2009 – Yankees 3, Red Sox 0    (Yankee Stadium)

* Game #18  –  September 27, 2009 – Yankees 4, Red Sox 2    (Yankee Stadium)


The 2009 Baseball Season is almost here …

But, let the discussion begin “now” about baseball’s greatest rivalry …

“New York Yankees” vs. “Boston Red Sox”


Everybody, have a great day !!!


— Jimmy Curran, “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”




* Game 1  —  April 24, 2009  —  Red Sox 5, Yankees 4  (11 innings)

With the Yankees leading 4-2 in the bottom of the 9th inning, with two outs, a runner on second base, Jason Bay the batter for the Red Sox, and Mariano Rivera on the mound — Mariano blew this save by serving up a long, hard hit, two-run homerun, to Bay, to straight away centerfield, that tied the score 4-4.

The game remained tied going into the bottom of the 11th inning with Damaso Marte pitching for the Yankees. After striking-out the first batter, David Ortiz, the next hitter, Kevin Youkilis blasted a long walk-off homerun over the “Green Monster” to give the Red Sox a very dramatic 5-4 victory.  

The Yankees had many opportunities to score more runs in this game, including, in the top of the 9th inning, when the Yanks loaded the bases with no outs, but Robinson Cano hit into a 4-2-3 double play, and Melky Cabrera poped out to the catcher to end the rally and inning with the Yanks still leading 4-2 at the time.  

For the Boston Red Sox, this was a very well deserved comeback victory.

For the New York Yankees, this was, to say the least, a very disappointing loss.  

* To view boxscore, click on …  Game 1 — Red Sox 5, Yankees 4


* Game 2  —  April 25, 2009  — Red Sox 16, Yankees 11

— To view boxscore, click on … Game 2 — Red Sox 16, Yankees 11


* Game 3 — April 26, 2009 — Red Sox 4, Yankees 1

— To view boxscore, click on … Game 3 


* Game 4 — May 4, 2009 — Red Sox 6, Yankees 4

— To view boxscore, click on … Game 4  


* Game 5 — May 5, 2009 — Red Sox 7, Yankees 3

— To view boxscore, click on … Game 5


The “Season Within A Season” 2009, continues with a three-game series at Fenway Park, starting on Tuesday June 9th.

As of June 9, 2009, the Yankees are in “First Place” in the AL East.

The AL East standings are as follows …  


New York Yankees    34-23    .596       —

Boston Red Sox         33-24    .579      1.0

Toronto Blue Jays     33-27    .550      2.5

Tampa Bay Rays       29-30    .492      6.0

Baltimore Orioles      24-33    .421    10.0 


“Go Yankees” !!!


* Game 6 — Tuesday, June 9, 2009 — Red Sox 7, Yankees 0

— Josh Beckett (7-2) was brilliant in his start for the Red Sox, in total control throughout his six innings on the mound, allowing zero runs, on only one hit and two waks, while striking out eight batters. The Boston bullpen closed out the Sox shutout victory.

— For the Yankees, their starter, A.J. Burnett (4-3) was “awful” !!! … A.J. allowed five runs (three earned), on five hits, five walks, and one strikeout in only 2.2 innings. A two-run homer by David Ortiz in Boston’s four run second inning was the turning point of the game, as the Red Sox easily coasted to their sixth straight win vs. the Yankees this year.

— To view boxscore, click on … Game 6 


* Game 7 — Wednesday, June 10, 2009 — Red Sox 6, Yankees 5

— Chien-Ming Wang started for the Yankees, and was totally ineffective, allowing four runs, on six hits, [including a homerun], and three walks, in 2.2 innings pitched. Phil Hughes replaced Wang, and was also not effective, giving up two runs, on two hits, including a home run, two walks, and five strikeouts in 3.2 innings out of the bullpen.

— The Yankees had three homeruns in the game … Posada in the 2nd inning; and back-to-back homers by Damon and Teixeira in the top of the 7th; and, Tex was 4-for-5 including two doubles with his homer; but, this power was not enough for the Bronx Bombers, as the Red Sox held on for a solid 6-5 win. Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis homered for the Sox; and, Tim Wakefield (8-3) pitched six strong innings for the victory. This was Boston’s seventh straight win against the New York Yankees this year.

— To view the boxscore, click on … Game 7 

** The win in Game 7 moved the Red Sox back into first place in the AL East, one game ahead of the Yankees, as of the morning of Thursday June 11, 2009.

** The final game of this three-game series at Fenway Park continues tonight, June 11th, with CC Sabathia (5-3, 3.56) on the mound for the Yankees vs. the Red Sox starter, Brad Penny (5-2, 5.85).

Enjoy the game, everybody !!!


* Game 8 — Thursday, June 11, 2009 — Red Sox 4, Yankees 3


— The Yankees are now “0-8” against the Red Sox this year !!!

— To view boxscore, click on … Game 8  


— Click on: Yanks 0-8 vs. Red Sox, Trying To Make Sense Of It All  




Updated:  Thursday, July 9, 2009 …

The Yankees just completed a three-game sweep of the Twins in Minnesota with a 6-4 win in the final game of the series.

The Red Sox lost their game on this day, 8-6, to the K.C. Royals at Fenway Park.

This tied the Yankees and Red Sox for first place in the AL East !!!


AL EAST STANDINGS (at the end of baseball action on July 9, 2009) …

New York Yankees      51-34    .600       —

Boston Red Sox           51-34    .600       —

Tampa Bay Rays         47-39    .547      4.5

Toronto Blue Jays       43-44    .494      9.0

Baltimore Orioles        38-47    .447     13.0


At this point in the season, the Yankees headed to the West Coast to play a three-game weekend series against the L.A. Angels, July 10-11-12th. 

The Red Sox were scheduled to play the second game of a four-game weekend series vs. the K.C. Royals, July 9-10-11-12th.  

These two series would end the first half of the season for the Yanks and Red Sox; and, baseball’s annual All-Star break would take place during the upcoming week, with the All-Star Game scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, 2009 in St. Louis.


— Jimmy, “BY&L”




Updated: Friday, August 7, 2009 …


AL EAST STANDINGS – (at the start of baseball action, August 6, 2009)

New York Yankees    65-42       —      .607

Boston Red Sox          62-44     2.5     .585

Tampa Bay Rays        60-48     5.5     .556 

Toronto Blue Jays      51-56    14.0    .477

Baltimore                   45-62    20.0    .421


BRONX, NEW YORK — August 6, 2009 — The center of the baseball world now shifts to the “Beautiful Bronx”, New York, for the start of a huge four-game weekend series between the first place New York Yankees and second place Boston Red Sox. 

The Yankees are returning home from their just completed road trip that concluded with a two-game sweep of the Blue Jays 8-4 and 5-3, in Toronto.

The Red Sox travel into the Bronx from Florida, after being swept by the third place Tampa Bay Rays, 6-4 and 4-2 (13 innings), that dropped the Sox two and a half games behind the Yankees. The Rays remain five and a half games behind the Yanks.  

So, let the “Season Within A Season” continue … Baseball’s greatest rivalry: the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox … as the Yankees look to get their first victory over the Red Sox this year after Boston has an 8-0 record up to this point of the 2009 season. 


* Game 9 — Thursday, August 6, 2009 — Yankees 13, Red Sox 6

Well, one thing both Yankee and Red Sox fans can agree on about this contest, is: the pitching was awful by all pitchers who took the mound in this very important “must-win” game for the Yankees. 

Boston starter, future Hall of Famer, John Smoltz, was hit very hard, lasting only 3.1 innings, while allowing eight runs; on nine hits, including two homeruns; four walks; and, three strikeouts. With this loss, Smoltz’s record is now 2-5 with a 8.32 ERA. 

The Red Sox did stake Smoltz to a 3-1 lead as the game entered the bottom of the third, on an opposite field homer by Dustin Pedroia in the top of the second inning; and, after, Johnny Damon tied the score 1-1 with a homer in the bottom of the second, Boston newcomer, Casey Kotchman blasted a two-run homerun in the top of the third that increased the Sox lead to 3-1 at the time. 

Then, the Bronx Bombers exploded in the bottom of the third inning, sending 13 batters up to the plate, in a 35-minute, eight hit, two walk, attack, that was highlighted by a three-run homer by Melky Cabrera that gave the Yanks a 5-3 lead; and, a three-run homer by Jorge Posada that capped the scoring during the Bombers eight-run spectacular display of power, putting this game out of reach for the Bosox, 9-3. [Robinson Cano and Hideki Matsui also had an RBI apiece in the middle of this rally].   

In the meantime, Yankees starter, Joba Chamberlain, also did not pitch a good game, and was maybe one hit or walk away from being removed from the game before the fifth inning was completed. 

With a 9-3 lead, Joba walked the bases loaded with one out in the top of the fifth before allowing a RBI single to Mike Lowell that cut the lead to 9-4. It was clear, Manager Joe Girardi was struggling with thoughts of taking Chamberlain out of this game at this point, thus eliminating Joba’s chance of getting the win if the Yanks held onto the lead.

But, Girardi showed confidence in his young starter, and Joba, to his credit, delivered the goods, striking out the next two batters, Kotchman and Green, to end the Boston rally and keep the score at 9-4 in favor of the Bombers.  

In the bottom of the fifth, the Yankees increased their lead to 11-4 on a two RBI double by Hideki Matsui, but Joba Chamberlain’s night was finished.

Maybe, because Joba had an extra two days off [seven days rest instead of five days] since his last start, [and, this could become a major concern as the season continues and the Yankees braintrust stays firm with their plan to limit Joba’s pitches and innings], this affected his performance on the mound tonight as he just did not have full command and control of his pitches. Joba was wild in each of the five innings he threw in this game. 

Overall, Joba’s performance was the exact opposite of his fine 3-0 record since this year’s All-Star break. In five innings of work, Chamberlain threw 108 pitches, and allowed four runs; on six hits, including two homers; “seven” walks; and, five strikeouts.

Even though Joba struggled in this game, he stranded two Boston runners in each of the first and second innings without allowing a run to score; got out of the third with an inning-ending double play after giving up the Pedroia homerun; and, left the bases loaded in the fifth, ending the inning with two big strikeouts, to hold the score at 9-4 before his departure. 

It was not one of Joba Chamberlain’s best efforts, by far. But, all great pitches have to battle at times when they do not have their best stuff. And to his credit, in my view, Joba Chamberlain (8-2) battled on the mound tonight, and at least earned the win by lasting five innings without any further damage against a great team. Of course, the Yankees hitting was the main reason the Bombers won this game.   

The Yankees scored their final two runs on a RBI single by Derek Jeter in the sixth inning; and, Mark Teixeira’s 28th homerun in the bottom of the seventh, that increased the Bombers lead to 13-4.  

Boston scored two runs in the top of the ninth, on two hits and two walks, off rookie reliever Anthony Claggett who was just recalled from (AAA) – Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, completing the scoring in the Yankees 13-6 victory.

Yankee batters pounded out 18 hits, including three hits each by: Damon, Teixeira, and Posada. For the Red Sox, Pedroia had three of Boston’s eight total hits.  

And, Yankee pitchers walked 12 batters, and Red Sox pitchers walked six batters, for a total of 18 base-on-balls allowed in this three-hour, fifty-two minute game before a sold-out crowd of 49,005 at the new Yankee Stadium.

Before the game, the Yankees honored Muhammad Ali … but, it was very sad that Yankees owner, George M. Steinbrenner, III was not able to attend this game and four-game series as he had planned on doing. 

The “Boss” visited the Yankees team during their just completed two-game series against the Rays in Tampa Bay which greatly energized and inspired the Yankees players and coaching staff. But, because of health reasons, Mr. Steinbrenner cannot make the trip to the Bronx, and will follow this “key” series from his home in Tampa Bay, Florida.

We all wish George Steinbrenner well, and hope he will be healthy enough to attend post-season games this year, if “his” New York Yankees continue to play as well as they are playing now, and go onto the playoffs and World Series in route to their 27th World Championship.

At this point in the season, 1-8 vs. the Red Sox looks a lot better than 0-8 or 0-9 for the Yankees.  

But, what looks even better, is the Yankees 66-42 record in first place, at the top of the AL East, three and a half games ahead of the second place Red Sox who now have a record of 62-45.

To view boxscore, click on: Game 9 — Yankees 13, Red Sox 6 


AL EAST STANDINGS — Morning of Friday, August 7, 2009 …

Yankees     66-42     .611       —

Red Sox     62-45     .579      3.5 

Rays           60-48     .556      6.0

Blue Jays    51-56    .477     14.5

Orioles        45-63    .417     21.0



— Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L” – “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”




* Game 10 — Friday, August, 7, 2009  —  Yankees 2, Red Sox 0   (15 innings)


“A Classic Game For The Ages” …


Click on my post: “A Classic For The Ages In The Bronx”  for my account of this great game. 


Boxscore, click on: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0 (15 innings) — “An All-Time Classic”   



— Jimmy, “BY&L”




* Game 11 — Saturday, August 8, 2009 — Yankees 5, Red Sox 0


Yankees starter CC Sabathia pitched an outstanding game, taking a no-hitter into the sixth inning which was broken-up on a two-out single by Jacoby Ellsbury.

Mark Teixeira stroked a RBI single in the bottom of the third, that plated Melky Cabrera, who led off the inning with a single, giving the Yanks an early 1-0 lead.

The Bombers then scored a run in the sixth on a sac-fly by Jose Molina; and, a run in the seventh on a bases loaded walk to Nick Swisher that increased the lead to 3-0.

Boston starting pitcher Clay Buchholtz (L,1-2), pitched a very good game, tossing 105 pitches over six innings of work, allowing two runs, on six hits, five walks, and three strikeouts. 

Buchholtz was replaced by Ramirez who gave up the Yankees run in the seventh.

In the meantime, CC Sabathia was working on a two-hit shutout through seven and two-thirds innings, when Joe Girardi replaced CC with Phil Hughes who retired the final batter in the eight that held the score at 3-0.  

Sabathia had thrown 123 pitches up to this point in the game, and if I was manager, I would have let CC stay in the game to pursue the complete game shutout. But, oh, those annoying “pitch-counts” and “innings-limitations”.

CC Sabathia (W,12-7), ended up pitching seven and two-thirds innings, while allowing no runs, on two hits, two walks, and striking out nine. A truly great performance. 

The Yankees completed the scoring in this game on a two-run homer by Derek Jeter (#12), off Enrique Gonzalez in the bottom of the eight, that moved the Yanks into a 5-0 lead.  

David Robertson replaced Hughes and closed out this 5-0 Yankees victory with a scoreless ninth inning after allowing two hits. 

With the back-to-back shutouts, 2-0, (15 innings), and 5-0, the Yankees pitching staff has now held the Red Sox batters scoreless over the last 24 innings. 

The Yanks have now won the first three games in this very imortant four-game series, and go for the “sweep” in the final game on Sunday night, August 9th.     


To view boxscore, click on: Yankees 5, Red Sox 0


— Jimmy, “BY&L”




Updated: Monday, August 10, 2009 …


* Game 12 — Sunday, August 9, 2009 — Yankees 5, Red Sox 2


With this 5-2 victory, the New York Yankees “swept” the four-game weekend series against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, in the Beautiful Bronx, New York !!!!

This game featured another pitcher’s duel as Andy Pettitte of the Yankees battled Jon Lester of the Red Sox, zero for zero, inning by inning, into the bottom of the seventh when Alex Rodriguez broke the deadlock by blasting a solo homerun (#21), that gave the Bronx Bombers a 1-0 lead. This was A-Rod’s second big homer of this series …

Of course, the first dramatic homer was a two-run shot into the Red Sox bullpen in leftfield, in the bottom of the 15th inning of the “classic” 0-0 pitcher’s duel in the second game of this series. Rodriguez’s two-out, walk-off, two-run homer, drove home Derek Jeter, who led off the inning with a single, ahead of A-Rod’s game-winning homer that gave the Yankees a 2-0 victory in one of the “greatest games ever played”, and certainly, one of the most “exciting gamers I have ever seen”.

Both managers decided to go to the bullpen after the seventh inning of the final game, dictated, once again, by the dreaded “pitch count” totals of “both” starting pitchers who were “brilliant” in this playoff-like game.

Jon Lester threw a strong 107 pitches over seven innings of work, allowing one run, on the A-Rod homer; five hits; no walks, while striking out seven.

Yankees starter, Andy Pettitte, was solid in his seven shutout innings on the mound, giving up five hits, two walks, and striking out four batters.

In a puzzling move, in my view, Yankees manager Joe Girardi replaced Pettitte with Phil Coke at the start of the eight inning. Why take Andy Pettitte out of this game when he is pitching so well? And, if Girardi was so intent on going to the bullpen, why didn’t he bring in Phil Hughes?

Now, after the game Girardi gave is reasons for this move, saying he did not want to use Hughes in three straight games. Phil Hughes pitched to only one batter in each of the last two games, so how tired or over-worked could he be?

But, the real question, in my opinion, is: Why was CC Sabathia removed with two outs in the eight inning, and replaced by Phil Hughes, while pitching a shutout over seven and two thirds innings in his brilliant start in the third game of this series? Certainly, CC should have been allowed to complete the eight inning, even though he had already thrown 123 pitches. Then, if Girardi still wanted to bring in David Robertson in the ninth inning, which “was” the move that he made in that game — it would have at least saved Hughes from taking the mound in Game Three, thus saving him for the final game in this series on Sunday night.  

But, as it turned out, it was already decided by Girardi before the game that Phil Hughes would not pitch in the final game. And, Alfredo Aceves was also not available because of back problems. So, Phil Coke got the call, when I think the obvious decision would have been to just let Andy Pettitte stay in the game for at least one more inning, the eight, and, then, go to Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning. 

Coke struck out the first batter, Jacoby Ellsbury. Then, Dustin Pedroia stroked a single, and newly acquired Victor Martinez blasted a long two-run homer that ended the Yankees 31 consecutive scoreless innings against the Sox in this series, and shocked the sold-out Yankee Stadium crowd as the the Red Sox took a 2-1 lead. 

After, Kevin Youkilis singled for the Sox third straight hit, Coke did prevent further damage by getting Jason Bay to ground into a 6-4-3 double play that ended the inning. This was the first game of the series that the injured Bay played, and that was good news for the Yankees as Jason Bay hit really well against the Yanks in previous games this year.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 1, as the game entered the bottom of the eight inning.

Boston manager Terry Francona made the call to the bullpen, replacing Jon Lester after 107 pitches thrown, with hard-throwing rookie reliever Daniel Bard.

Bard retired pinch-hitter Hideki Matsui and Derek Jeter for a quick two outs.

Johnny Damon was the next batter up, and “BAM” !!! Damon unloaded his 21st homer, a crushing shot over the wall in right-centerfield to tie this very exciting game 2-2.

The Yankee Stadium crowd was rocking like it was an October post-season big-game event; and, then, when Mark Teixeira lofted a high arching Ruthian blast into the beautiful night air of the new ballpark in the Bronx, that landed into the second deck of the short rightfield porch for a homerun that moved the Bombers into the 3-2 lead, it felt as if the Yankees had just won another World Series, as this August evening was transformed into another “classic game”, a percursor, maybe, to many more classic moments in this year’s “Fall Classic”.

The go-ahead homer by Tex was his league leading 29th of the season, and, also, the sixth time that both he and Damon hit back-to-back homers in a game this year, a new all-time Yankee record for back-to-back homeruns by the same two players in a Yankee lineup.

Just think about that for a moment …  

Of all the great Yankee players that hit back-to-back in the same lineup, including: Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig; Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig; Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra; Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris; Thurman Munson and Bobby Murcer; Chris Chambliss and Reggie Jackson; Don Mattingly and Dave Winfield; and, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, to name a few combinations — it is now Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira who hold this very extraordinary Yankee record. A very fine performance and special record, indeed.   

After the game, Mark Teixeira said about his homer, this was the closest you can get to a walk-off, game-winning homer during the game. And, when Teixeira hit the ball, he held his bat up in the air when he was running to first base, as if to point the homerun ball into the seats.

But, it was still the eight inning, and the Yankees were not done yet with this late-inning rally.

A-Rod walked, and Francona replaced Daniel Bard (L,0-1) with Hideki Okajima.

Okajima promptly gave-up a double to Jorge Posada, and a two-RBI single to Nick Swisher that capped-off the scoring in the Bombers four-run outburst that increased their lead to 5-2.  

Mariano Rivera closed out this come-from-behind 5-2 victory by pitching a scoreless ninth inning, recording his 32th save.

Phil Coke (4-3) who blew the lead in this game, was credited with the win, but certainly, did nothing to earn this win. But, as I stated above, in my view, Coke should not have been brought into this game.

Bullpen management, and stretching out the innings of the starters by the Yankees braintrust will be “crucial” to the New York Yankees success the rest of the way on their journey to their 27th World Championship.

It’s time to eliminate “pitch-counts” and “innings limitations” on the Yankees pitching staff.

But, on this August weekend, the New York Yankees delivered an awesome performance sweeping four games over the second place Boston Red Sox that showed at this point in the season the Yankees are the best team in the AL East.  


To view boxscore, click on: Yankees Sweep Red Sox With 5-2 Win  



AMERICAN LEAGUE STANDINGS – (Monday, Morning, August, 10, 2009) …



New York Yankees     69-42     .622        —

Boston Red Sox          62-48     .564        6.5  (tied with Texas – wild card)

Tampa Bay Rays        61-50     .550        8.0

Toronto Blue Jays      53-57     .482      15.5

Baltimore Orioles       46-65     .414      23.0



L.A. Angels                 65-44     .596         —

Texas Rangers            62-48     .564        3.5  (tied with Boston – wild card)

Seattle Mariners         58-53     .523        8.0

Oakland A’s                49-62     .441      17.0



Detroit Tigers                59-51     .536         —

Chicago White Sox       57-55     .509         3.0

Minnesota Twins          54-57     .486         5.5

Cleveland Indians        48-63      .432       11.5

Kansas City Royals       43-68     .387        16.5


Everybody, have a great day !!!

Thanks for all your visits and excellent comments and thoughts !!!


— Jimmy Curran, “BY&L” – “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”




Updated: Friday, August 21, 2009


The first place New York Yankees (76-45) continue their 10 game road trip with a big three-game series against the second place Boston Red Sox (69-51) at Fenway Park.  

So far the Bronx Bombers have a record of (5-2) on this trip after winning three of four games vs. the Seattle Mariners, and two of three games against the Oakland A’s.


Friday, August 21, 2009 …

* Game 13 — “A Season Within A Season” — Yankees 20, Red Sox 11


To view boxscore, click on: Yanks Out-Slug Red Sox, 20-11  


To read my “post” on my blog about this game, click on …

“Yankees Blast Red Sox in a 20-11 Rout” 


— Jimmy, “BY&L”




Updated: Sunday, August 23, 2009 …


* Game 14  —  Saturday, August 22, 2009  —  Red Sox 14, Yankees 1


The New York Yankees pitching was terrible in this game, as the Boston Red Sox lit up Yankees starter A.J. Burnett (10-7), to the tune of nine runs; on nine hits, including three homers and three doubles, and two walks, during Burnett’s 97 pitch, five innings of work.

The Sox took an early 3-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning on a two RBI double by David Ortiz, and a RBI single by Jason Bay. Then, Boston put this game out of reach for the Yanks with a four run outburst in the second when Alex Gonzalez hit a solo homer (#1) to up the score to 4-0; and, after walks to Dustin Pedroia and Victor Martinez, a three-homer by Kevin Youkilis (#21) increased the Red Sox lead to 7-0.

In the fifth inning, Boston completed their bashing of A.J. Burnett on a two-out homer by Ortiz (#20), which was followed by back to back doubles by Bay and J.D. Drew that upped Boston’s lead to 9-0.

The Yankees bullpen was just as ineffective as the awful performance turned in by Burnett, as Alfredo Aceves allowed three runs in the sixth on a two-out double by Pedroia; a RBI single by Martinez; and, Kevin Youkilis’ second homer (#22) of the game, a two-run blast that further embarrassed the Yanks 12-0.

In the meantime, Boston starter Junichi Tazawa (2-2), pitched a very good game, throwing six strong shutout innings, allowing eight hits and two walks while striking out two. This was a great comeback effort for Tazawa, who in his last appearance against the Yankees, [his first time on the mound in the Major Leagues], he gave up the game winning, walk-off, two run homer to Alex Rodriguez in the bottom of the 15th inning of that classic pitcher’s duel, on August 7, 2009, at Yankee Stadium, which the Yankees won 2-0.

Nick Swisher broke up the Red Sox shutout with a solo homer (#21) off reliever Daniel Bard that made the score 12-1 at the time.

David Robertson replaced Aceves at the start of the eight inning, and once again, Boston scored more runs [after two outs]. Pedroia, Casey Kotchman, and Youkilis hit three straight doubles that completed the scoring in this 14-1 Red Sox victory. 

A major key to the Boston Red Sox win in this game was the fact that they scored 13 of their 14 runs after two outs in the individual innings that they scored.   

This was a very embarrassing loss for the New York Yankees in the middle game of this very important three-game series at Fenway Park, a game that was broadcast on FOX’s Saturday Baseball Game Of The Week.       


To view boxscore, click on: Red Sox 14, Yankees 1 


— Jimmy, “BY&L”




Updated:  Monday,  August 24, 2009 …


* Game 15  —  Sunday, August 23, 2009  —  Yankees 8, Red Sox 4


Sabathia Out-Lasts Beckett for 15th win; Yanks Beat Sox, 8-4 …

The New York Yankees got right back on the winning track with a big 8-4 victory over the Boston Red Sox in the rubber game of their three-game showdown at Fenway Park on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball Game of the Week. 

With this victory, the first place Yankees (78-46) increased their lead to seven and a half games over the second place Red Sox (70-53) in the AL East. 

Also, after starting off this season 0-8 vs. the Red Sox, the Yankees have now narrowed the gap to 6-9 in the 2009 version of “A Season Within A Season”.

The Yankees have a chance to tie the season series 9-9, when they play the Red Sox three more games this season, September 25-26-27th at Yankee Stadium.

The story of this game was the five homers that the Yankees hit off Boston starter Josh Beckett (14-5), who threw 120 pitches over eight disappointing [for Red Sox fans] innings; while allowing eight runs; on nine hits; no walks; and five strikeouts.

Derek Jeter led off the game by hitting the first pitch over the right centerfield fence for his 16th home run of the year, and quick 1-0 Yankees lead. 

Hideki Matsui followed “The Captain’s” lead by also hitting a first pitch homer (#22), into the right field bleachers, in the top of the second inning, that increased the Bronx Bombers lead to 2-0.

After Boston tied the score 2-2 in the bottom of the second, the Yankees upped their lead to 4-2 on a Mark Teixeira RBI single, and RBI ground out by Alex Rodrigiuez in the top of the third.

Robinson Cano crushed his 19th homer of the year, in the fourth, [the Yanks third homer in this game], that kept the pressure on Beckett and the Sox as the Yanks moved ahead by 5-2 in the game.

Boston scored again in the bottom of the fourth inning to cut the Yankees lead to 5-3.

Then, in the top of the fifth, with Damon on first base, and two outs, Alex Rodriguez stroked a solid line drive that just cleared the top of the Green Monster into the seats on top of the wall for his 22nd homer that increased the Bombers lead to 7-3.

The Red Sox cut the lead to 7-4 in the bottom of the sixth, before Hideki Matsui capped the scoring by hitting his second homer (#23) of the game, in the top of the eight, the Yanks fifth homer of the game off Josh Beckett, for the 8-4 lead.

CC Sabathia (15-7), pitched a solid game, not his best, but good enough to earn the victory. 

CC lasted 6.2 innings, tossing 118 pitches, while giving up four runs (three earned); on eight hits; no walks; and eight strikeouts. Also, this win elevates CC Sabathia into the American League Cy Young Award conversation. And, in my view, I would suggest that Mariano Rivera should also be included in the Cy Young Award discussion.

Phil Hughes replaced CC in this game and built a strong “Bridge to Mariano” holding the Yankees 8-4 lead as the game entered the bottom of the ninth inning.

It was not a save situation, but Mariano Rivera closed out this very important 8-4 Yankees victory over the Red Sox, by pitching a scoreless ninth inning.

The Yankees are now 27-9 since the All-Star break, winning 10 of the 11 series’ since the mid-summer All-Star Game, including six straight winning series.

The 2009 season now continues with the New York Yankees in first place in the AL East, seven and a half games over the second place Boston Red Sox.

And, the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry continues … 

At Yankee Stadium during the weekend of September 25-26-27, 2009.                          


To view boxscore, click on: Yankees 8, Red Sox 4


— Jimmy, “BY&L” 




Game 16  —  Yankees 9, Red Sox 5  —  Boxscore: Game 16 




Game 17  —  Yankees 3, Red Sox 0  —  Boxscore: Game 17 




Game 18  —  Yankees 4, Red Sox 2  —  Boxscore: Game 18 






  1. juliasrants

    Jimmy – let’s just say that I have a vested interest in seeing the Red Sox do well April 24th-26th! (My guys won’t let me down for my birthday!) I am so ready for the season and our great rivalry to begin! Yes – Scott and I are having fun with our wagers (oh – THANK YOU for writing about the Red Sox today – I seem to be taking a small break from writing about my favorite team!) – and really that is what makes this rivalry so great; we fans have such a deep and passionate love for our teams that we are willing to put it all on the line for them! I’m glad you joined us for the game last night and I can not wait for the season to begin! Let’s play ball already! And Scott – this DOES NOT COUNT AS ME BLOGGING ABOUT THE RED SOX! I was just politely answering Jimmy’s question! 😉 Game on! Have a great evening Jimmy! Have to work on my next Yankees’ post!


  2. diamonddiva

    Although Yankees and Red Sox fans in general have a great deal of antipathy for each other’s teams and each other, they are really very much alike. Both groups of fans are dedicated, devoted, passionate, and knowledgeable. And, speaking as someone who is not a lifelong fan of either team, I definitely get the feeling that disliking the “other” team is pretty much genetic, since the rivalry has been such a strong one for so many decades. If you are a Yankee fan, it’s just in your blood to dislike the Red Sox; and vice versa for Red Sox fans! If nothing else, the rivalry is certainly an entertaining one.

  3. crazy19canuck

    I love this rivalry! I love watching the games. They are usually well played and with a lot of heart. Both teams want to win and it shows. I wish them both the best of luck! I will be watching as much as possible. Play Ball!

  4. denyankfan

    This is the greatest rivalry in sports. Can’t wait til mid April to get this party started. I love talking trash with Red Sox fans at work. I always remind them that the score that counts is Yanks 26, Sox 7. I agree that these are always some of the most intense, well played ball games of the year. With Tampa coming onto the seen these games are even that much more important in a division that will likely see one of these 3 great teams sitting at home in October. I hope its the Rays so that we can see the Yanks beat the Sox in the playoffs too. Go Yanks!!!

    Bombers Weekly

  5. bigpapi72

    Red Sox 18- Yankees 0. This is going to be one of the best seasons of Red Sox vs. Yankees ever. The Yankees spent the money but Boston shopped for bargains. I say the final score will be Red Sox 10, Yankees 8. Boston wins the division while New York wins the wild card.

    Bob, http://bostonsports.mlblogs.com/

  6. Jane Heller

    It’s sure to be a great season within a season, Jimmy. I think the Rays will be a big factor though. Our contests with them don’t have the same intensity, of course, but this will be a three-team race to the finish line. Can’t wait!


  7. juliasrants

    Hey Jimmy – Congrats on being #15 on the latest Leader’s List! And with so many Red Sox- Yankees games – I think Scott and I are going to have a very busy season!

    Have a great evening & congrats again Jimmy!


  8. jimmy27nyy

    Saturday, March 28, 2009 …

    Thank you for all your above comments and thoughts on the great New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox Rivalry !!! … I look forward to future comments throughout the 2009 season !!! … My above post “A Season Within A Season”, [2009], is linked on my side blog list: “Baseball: Yankees vs. Red Sox Rivalry” … So, please feel free to continue to offer as many comments and thoughts that are on your mind about this great “Rivalry” throughout the season !!! … I will continue to update this post during the 2009 season, and, also, offer responses to your comments … Thanks, again, for all your support, as I really appreciate your many visits, thoughts, and kind words !!! …
    — All are welcome to visit, any time !!!
    — Jimmy Curran, [27NYY], BY&L “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Julia …

    I also look forward to the start of the new season, especially, all the Yankees vs. Red Sox games !!! … Now, I hope the first Yankees-Red Sox series of the year at Fenway on April 24-25-26th will all be very exciting games; and, if the Red Sox are going to win at least one game, then, I hope that win is on your birthday, Julia !!!
    It was fun watching the final Yankees/Red Sox spring game, and, of course, it was a nice ending with the Yanks 7-1 victory !!! … I enjoyed reading your Yankee posts, as well as, reading Scott’s Red Sox posts … It should be interesting and fun to see what wagers are going to be made during the regular season !!! … Maybe, other Yankee fans, including myself, and other Red Sox fans will also get involved with some interesting wagers as the “Great Rivalry” continues !!! …
    — Nice comments, Julia; thanks for the visit !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  10. jimmy27nyy

    Also, Julia …

    Thanks for letting me know about the release of the latest [Mar 12-27] Leader’s List !!! It is great to ranked #15 on this latest list … But, it’s the third time I have been ranked #15 on the list, so I will have to think about my next dedication !!! … My last two #15 dedications were in honor of the great Yankees “captain” Thurman Munson; and, the Yankees great pitcher Red Ruffing … Who will my next #15 dedication be in honor of ? Well, stay tuned, Julia, and everybody else !!! … The dedication will be posted soon !!!
    Julia, “Congratulations” on your #2 ranking, once again, on the “Latest Leader’s” list !!!
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  11. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Shelley … Thanks for the visit !!!

    Yeah, I agree, all Yankees and Red Sox fans are very passionate and devoted to our teams … But, I would say, even though [for sure] there are many Yankee fans that really dislike the Red Sox; and, also, many Red Sox fans that really dislike the Yankees, I take a different approach to this great rivalry, as I totally respect the Red Sox, as I’m sure many other Yankee fans do [in addition to many Red Sox fans that respect the Yankees]; The “Rivalry” is fun to watch, as all games are always like playoff games !!! Of course, I always root for the Yankees to win every game they play; and, the AL East, AL Championship; and World Series every year !!! … And, I really look forward to all the Yankee/Red Sox games each year because they are the best games of the season … Shelley, like you said, “the rivalry is certainly an entertaining one” !!!
    — Thanks again for the excellent comments, and visit, Shelley !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  12. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Canuck …

    Thanks for wishing both the Yankees and Red Sox the best of luck this season … It is a great rivalry; always fun to watch !!! … Also, Cancuck, your Rays have a great team, which will make it even more fun to follow the AL East “race for first place” in 2009, as all three teams will be battling it out for first place and the wild card !!!
    — Take care, Canuck, and, thanks for the visit !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  13. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, metsgl …

    Well, of course, it is a matter of opinion on which team is better: the Yanks or Red Sox [and, opinions do vary] … That is why the teams play 162 games each year, as well as, the playoff and World Series games — to determine the best team, in each league, each year !!! … The AL East should be a very interesting race for first between the Yanks, Red Sox and Rays … But, the NL East will also be an interesting race to watch … The Mets did collapse in 2007 [up by 7 with 17 games to go]; and, in 2008 [up by 3.5 with 17 games to go], to the Phillies, who won the 2008 World Championship !!! … The Mets did greatly improve their bullpen, but the Phillies look very tough … The race between the Phillies, Mets, and Braves will also determine the best in the NL East …So, let’s all see what the ending results bring at the end of the 162 game schedule in both the American and National Leagues, and then, in the post season, before a final opinion is made on which team is the best in 2009 !!!
    — Thanks for your visit, metsgl !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  14. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Denyankfan …

    Yes, the Yankees 26 World Championships are the most impressive achievement in baseball history and all sports history !!! … It will be a great three-way race in the AL East between the Yanks, Sox, and Rays, in 2009 … But, in the end, I also want to see the Yankees and Red Sox play for the American League Championship, with the Yankees winning, of course, and, also, winning the 2009 World Series, their 27th World Championship !!!
    — Thanks, for the visit, Denyankfan !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  15. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Bob …

    I agree, 2009 will be one of the best Yankees vs. Red Sox seasons ever !!! …. But, I would reverse your prediction, and say the Yankees will win 10 or 11 games, with the Sox winning 7 or 8 games !!! … And, of course, I think the Yankees will win the AL East this season, going onto a World Series victory !!! … It will be a fun season !!!
    — Take care, Bob, and thanks for the visit !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  16. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    I totally agree, it will be a great “season within a season” between the Yankees and Red Sox in 2009 !!! … The Rays will also be a factor, as it will be a great “race for first” between all three teams in the AL East … But, the Yankees/Red Sox games will always have more intensity than any other matchup in baseball, and are the games I most look forward to watching … Just like you, Jane, “I can’t wait” for the season to start !!!
    — Thanks for the visit, and “Congratulations”, once again, on your #1 ranking on the latest [March 12-27th] “Leader’s List” !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  17. letsgoyankees

    I love the intensity of the Yanks and the Red Sox. Best rivalry in the history of professional sports, and one I’m proud to be a part of. To jonnnnnn-Mets v. Phillies any day? How could you say that? Yanks v. Sox is intense! There’s so much myth and history surrounding it, and anyway Youk and Papelbon will take the place of Clemens and Pedro as most hated Red Sox.

  18. Greg

    I must say I am hot and cold with Red Sox – Yankee games. The regular season games don’t hold a candle since they started meeting in the post season. They meaning behind most of the games is over stated. It was different the the 70s when the players actually hated each other, but now a days the regular season games are just any other games. Plus they are TOO LONG.

    Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I don’t want the Red Sox to beat the Yankees every time, I do.

    Anyway, out of interest, I checked and the Red Sox have beaten the Yankees in the regular season series only 1 time since the beginning of this century (2001). That was in 2004. The Yankees have one the season series 4 times and there have been 3 splits. Here’s how the last 8 years look:

    2001 NYY 13-5
    2002 TIE 9-9
    2003 TIE 9-9
    2004 BOS 10-8
    2005 NYY 10-8
    2006 NYY 11-7
    2007 NYY 10-8
    2008 TIE 9-9

    Seems I could have just made this a little blog entry myself. Haha

    Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

  19. rockymountainway

    Jimmy, these rivalries are great for the game and many many people want to see them. The only that bothers me is the bottom line is money and ratings. So when MLB puts on more Yanks Sox rivalry games and excludes smaller market teams because they don’t bring in the “money” it can get frustrating. Sometimes it seems that baseball is only marketing two teams?

  20. letsgoyankees

    shortporch-If the Yankees retired every HOF’s #’s that were Yanks, we’d be in triple digits.
    You’d have to retire the number of Earl Coombs, Goose Gossage, possibly Mike Mussina soon. It’s just too many.

  21. jimmy27nyy

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 …

    Thanks, again, to all who have visited my blog over the recent days … I appreciate all your comments and thoughts !!! … I have been busy over this past weekend and into Monday; so, I’m a little behind in responding to all your great comments, as well as, offering some new “posts” !!! … But, I hope to catch-up and complete my responses today, and, also, post a new entry up on my blog !!! …
    As always, thanks for all your support !!! … Also, I will visit all your blogs shortly !!!
    The new baseball season is almost here, and that is a very good thing !!!
    Take care for now, everybody !!!
    — Jimmy, [27NYY], BY&L, “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”

  22. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jon …

    Well, the Mets vs. Phillies is becoming a good rivalry, as well as, the Mets vs. Braves rivalry … But, still, no two teams can match the great history and intensity of the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry !!! … The 1970’s were my favorite time following this great rivary with the battles and comparisions between Thurman Munson and Carlton Fisk; and, also, the famous one-game playoff game that the Yanks won in 1978 !!! … The rivalry was also very solid in the early 2000’s with the Aaron Boone homerun in 2003 that won the AL Championship for the Yanks; and, of course, the great comeback by the Red Sox, down three games to zero, sweeping the final four games to win the 2004 AL Championship !!! … This rivalry goes all the way back to the days of Babe Ruth, so I don’t think it will ever die out !!! … And, the rivalry will always be fun to watch, no matter what won-loss record each team has, each and every new season !!!
    Thanks for the visit, Jon !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  23. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Letsgoyankees …

    I totally agree, the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry, is, and will always be, the best rivalry in Baseball and in all Sports !!! … I’m also very proud to be a part of it !!! ….. Also, the Joba Chamberlain – Kevin Youkilis matchup has had some fireworks in the last couple of years … So, it will be interesting to see what the 2009 “Season Within A Season” brings … The Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry is always fun to watch because every game is like a playoff game !!!
    Thanks for the visit, Letsgoyankees !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  24. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, shortporch …

    Well, Tony Lazzeri was one of the all-time great players in baseball history, and he certainly earned the honor of being enshrined into Baseball’s Hall of Fame … But, not all of the players of the 15 numbers that the Yankees have retired are also in the Hall of Fame !!! …
    The following players had their number retired by the New York Yankees, but are not in the Hall of Fame …
    * # 1 – Billy Martin [number retired as manager]
    * # 9 – Roger Maris
    * #15 – Thurman Munson
    * #23 – Don Mattingly
    * #32 – Elston Howard
    * #49 – Ron Guidry
    I guess, a case could be made for retiring Tony Lazzeri’s number … [It is interesting, Lazzeri wore “four” different numbers in his Yankees career — (#6) – 1929 – the first year numbers were issued; (#5) – 1930,’31; (#23) – 1932; (#7) – 1933; finally, (#6), again, 1934,’35,’36,’37 … At least, Tony Lazzeri should be honored with a plaque in Monument Park !!! …
    Also, your question made me think of other Yankee Hall of Famers who could be honored by having their number retired by the Yankees, along with Tony Lazzeri — and, the list is pretty impressive …
    * Joe McCarthy
    * Earle Combs
    * Joe Gordon
    * Red Ruffing
    * Lefty Gomez
    * Catfish Hunter
    * Miller Huggins [who was honored with a Monument in CF]
    * And, I’m sure there are others who could be considered, such as Allie Reynolds, who is not in the Hall of Fame.
    Excellent question, shortporch !!! … Thanks for your visit !!!
    * It would be interesting to hear the opinions of other viewers who read these comments ???
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  25. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Greg …
    I agree, the 1970’s had a lot more fire in the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry with the great Thurman Munson vs. Carlton Fisk debate on which catcher was the better player …….[of course, I say Munson, and you would probably say Fisk]; and, the Bucky Dent homerun in the Yankees one-game playoff win vs. the Sox in 1978; etc., etc., etc. … And, during that time, the Yankees had just as many battles within their own clubhouse, among themselves, as on the field with the Red Sox !!! … Those were fun times, with George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin, Thurman Munson, Reggie Jackson, providing many back and front page headlines, as the Yankees went onto winning the 1977 and 1978 World Championships !!! … I do disagree, though, about the regular season Yankee/Red Sox games being just like any other games … I really think these games are just like playoffs games, and always look forward to them, even the four and five hour plus games !!!
    Greg, thanks for including the break-down of the Yankee/Red Sox series since 2001 … Other than the 2001 season, the rest of the years [2002-’08] have been very even … You’re right, you could have posted a blog entry of the series break-down of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry over the last eight years !!!
    — Take care, Greg; and, thanks for the visit and excellent comments !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  26. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, baseballintheattic …

    Thanks for stopping by, and, also, for the kind words !!!
    I will be sure to check out your blog on a regular basis !!!
    Best Wishes and Good Luck on your new mlblog !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  27. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Tom …

    Yeah, I agree, there should be more of a balance regarding the National T.V. schedules with all teams being broadcast at least once or twice throughout the year !!! … But, money and the ratings dictate the moves by T.V., and as “they say” follow the money to find the reasons these decisions are made !!! … I can see how these decisions by T.V. can be very frustrating for fans of small-market teams !!! … Also, it is very frustrating when Sunday night games; the playoffs; and World Series games start at 8:15 p.m. ET or later, insuring that many fans [especially young kids] will not see the ending of these games at about 1:00 a.m ET !!!
    Take care, Tom; and, thanks for the visit !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  28. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Elizabeth …

    “A Season Within A Season” perfectly describes the great New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox rivalry !!!
    I will be updating this blog post throughout the season with various scores, stories, highlights, and other interesting information about the Yankees/Red Sox 2009 season, focusing mainly on the 18 games both teams play against each other this year !!! … Also, my hope is, this site will become a place that Yankee, Red Sox, and other baseball fans will visit and offer their own interesting thoughts, comments, opinions, and any other information they may want to share about the Yankees and Red Sox, and, also, the race for first place in the AL East, and, or, other baseball related views !!!
    Elizabeth, I’m happy that you are excited about this “season long project” !!! … I look forward to your many great thoughts, comments, and opinions, as well as, the thoughts of all who visit this post this season, to discuss the greatest rivalry in baseball and all sports !!!
    Take care, Elizabeth; and, have a great day !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  29. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Letsgoyankees …

    You made a good point about the Yankees retired numbers — the Yankees really can’t retire every Yankee “Hall of Famer’s” number who played for the team throughout their great history !!! … They would be in the triple-digit numbers before too long [especially, during spring training] !!! … Goose Gossage and Joe Gordon will be going into the Hall of Fame this summer, and it will be interesting to see if the Yankees retire Gossage’s #54 at some point in the future [when he is honored with a special day at Yankee Stadium] … Joe Gordon wore #6 in his great Yankee career, but I don’t think they will retire this number in his honor [at some point #6 should be retired in honor of Joe Torre] … Derek Jeter’s #2 and Mariano Rivera’s #42, will be retired at the end of both their Hall of Fame careers !!! … There has been some discussion on “Talk Radio” about Bernie Williams #51 and Paul O’Neill’s #21 being retired, and, talk about retiring Mike Mussina’s #35 is a long way off — But, I don’t think any of those last three numbers will be retired by the Yanks !!! … So, it is all interesting talk for discussion, in which, the Yankees will have the final say as to which future numbers are retired !!!
    * Also, check-out my above comments in response to shortporch, regarding the Yankees retired numbers, and Tony Lazzeri !!!
    Letsgoyankees, thanks, again, for your visit and great comments !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  30. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Bob …

    I will check-out your letter to Bud Selig !!!
    Take care !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  31. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, neal07 [William] …

    Yeah, I agree … Both the Yankees and Red Sox have very similar teams in 2009 !!! ……. I think, the key to winning for both the Yanks and Sox will be how well the starters pitch; solid performances out of the bullpen; and, everybody staying healthy throughout the whole year !!! … Also, I agree, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett will all have huge years — which will be, as you said, “the edge” for the Yankees winning it all in 2009 !!! … It should be a fun season, with race for first place in the AL East between the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays, the most exciting division race in baseball !!!
    — Take care, neal07 [William], and thanks for the visit !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  32. shortporch

    thanks for answering my question. Yea, I would have to agree that the Yanks have way too many HOF’s for everyone’s # to be retired. But I do agree that Lazzeri should at least have a plaque in monument park. Go yanks!shortporch http://shortporch.mlblogs.com/

  33. jimmy27nyy

    You’re welcome, shortporch !!! …

    The Yankees have had so many great players throughout their history, especially, Hall of Famers and All-Stars, that it would not really be possible to retire every one of these great players numbers !!! … So, it will be interesting to see how many numbers the Yankees retire over the next ten years … I think, the next four retired numbers will probably be: #54, Goose Gossage; #6, Joe Torre; #42, Mariano Rivera; and, #2, Derek Jeter !!! … And, it would be nice to see plaques in Monument Park for Tony Lazzeri and Joe Gordon, among others !!!
    — Take care, shortporch !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  34. letsgoyankees

    This game was like a Twilight Zone episode.
    Still, just like in Tampa we’re winningthe next two. Mark my words.

  35. Jane Heller

    Jimmy, sorry we didn’t get the win last night. Joba kept us in it, as did Coke and Albaledejo, but we couldn’t score when we needed to. And now Bruney and Ransom are hurt, with Wang going on the DL too. Say something inspiring, Jimmy, because I need your words of comfort!


  36. jimmy27nyy

    Saturday, April 25, 2009 …

    Not a happy time in the Yankee Universe …
    * Game 1 — Red Sox 5, Yankees 4 (11 innings)
    * Game 2 — Red Sox 16, Yankees 11
    * Game 3 — Sunday, April 26th — we look to Andy Pettitte to be our “stopper”, and pitch one of his best games ever !!! … We need at least seven solid innings from Andy, and a “big” Yankee win !!!
    A very disappointing first two games of this first series of 2009 between the Yankees and Red Sox !!!
    Not much more to say than that !!!
    — Jimmy Curran, “BY&L”

  37. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Letsgoyankees …

    The first game of this series, the 5-4 Yankees loss, was very “shocking” and “painful” to watch … It really did feel like all of us in the Yankee Universe were in some kind of a Twilight Zone !!! … The Yankees did have many opportunities to score more runs, though … We left too many runners on base !!!
    And, certainly, if “Game One” was like being in the Twilight Zone, the Yankees 16-11 loss in “Game Two” was a “nightmare” [especially, after leading Game Two, 6-0, going into the bottom of the 4th inning !!!
    Take care, Letsgoyankees !!!
    — Jimmy Curran, “BY&L”

  38. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    Two very tough losses for the Yankees, 5-4, and, 16-11, in the first two games against the Red Sox !!! … I wish I could say something inspiring that would make everything be okay … Maybe, the best thought that we can all focus on is: “things aren’t as bad as they may look [right now] on the Yankees” !!! … Hey, Robinson Cano is having a great April, and did have a big “Game Two” vs. the Red Sox (3-for-6), including, two homeruns, a double, and five RBI’s !!!
    Let’s hope, and pray, that Andy Pettitte has a great pitching performance in the final game of this three-game series !!!
    I think the Yankees will be fine, Jane !!!
    — Jimmy Curran, “BY&L”

  39. letsgoyankees

    Well Jimmy, I hope you didn’t actually mark my words. That’s baseball.
    Pettite more or less has to win today, and we have to sweep them bums when they come to the Stadium for that two game series.
    Still, it’s a mark of the depth of this team that we’re still over 500 right now. Would you take wild card? I certainly would. Once in the playoffs, anything can happen.

  40. juliasrants

    HI Jimmy – I should have stopped back sooner! Even I – the diehard Red Sox fan – am surprised that we have taken the first 5 games of our series. I’ll have to say – I was very confident that we would take the first series, because after all it was my birthday weekend! 🙂 But the sweep was great! And then the next two games? I really did not expect to sweep on our first trip to Yankees Stadium. (And Scott is going to look “lovely” in his Pink Red Sox hat because of it! lol!!!) It appears that the Yankees might have found their groove, but I remain impressed with how my Red Sox continue to find ways to pull out wins! It’s going to be a great season all around and I can not WAIT for the next meeting of our two great teams in June! Have a great day Jimmy!! And I hope that all is well!!


  41. jimmy27nyy

    Tuesday June 9, 2009 …
    Hi, Julia …

    I look forward to your next wager with Scott !!!
    First Place in the AL East is on the line, so it should be a fun three-game series at Fenway Park …
    “Playoff Baseball” in June !!!
    It doesn’t get any better than that !!!
    Take care, and have a great day !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  42. letsgoyankees

    Hey Jimmy, looks as if my wors in a different thread aoutthe Yankees being a good comeback team have proved prophetic.

  43. jimmy27nyy

    Hi letsgoyankees …

    The Yankees have had many comebacks so far this season, led by the great clutch hitting by Melky Cabrera in the late innings, which has greatly helped power the Yanks into a tie for first place in the AL East … But, the 0-6 vs. the Red Sox really needs to be reversed quickly as the season moves forward [starting with tonight’s Game #7 against the Sox] !!! … It’s June 10th, and the Yankees are tied for “First Place” in the AL East, though. So, that ain’t too bad at this point in the year !!! … The race for “first” will go down to the wire in September, and I know we both agree, in the end, the Yankees will win the Division and go onto the World Series !!!
    Thanks for all your visits, letsgoyankees !!!
    I will try to “post”, “comment”, and “respond to comments” more frequently during the rest of the baseball season !!!
    I appreciate your support, and the support of everybody who visits my mlblog !!!
    Thanks, again, to all !!!
    Take care …
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  44. jimmy27nyy

    July 9, 2009 …

    Yankees ….. 51-34 ….. (.600) …. —
    Red Sox …… 51-34 ….. (.600) …. —
    Rays ……….. 47-39 ….. (.547) ….. 4.5
    Blue Jays …. 43-44 ….. (.494) ….. 9.0
    Orioles …….. 38-47 ….. (.447) …. 13.0
    Baseball’s Annual All-Star Game — Tuesday, July 14, 2009 in St. Louis
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  45. jimmy27nyy

    August 7, 2009 …
    New York Yankees …. (66-42) …. (.611) …. (—-)
    Boston Red Sox …….. (62-45) …. (.579) …. ( 3.5)
    Tampa Bay Rays ……. (60-48) …. (.556) …. ( 6.0)
    Toronto Blue Jays ….. (51-56) …. (.477) …. (14.5)
    Baltimore Orioles …… (45-63) …. (.417) …. (21.0)
    Big 13-6 win by the Yankees over the Red Sox in the first game of this four-game weekend series at Yankee Stadium on August 6-7-8-9, 2009 … The series continues tonight with a great pitching matchup …
    Yanks: A.J. Burnett vs. Red Sox: Josh Beckett
    “Go Yankees” !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  46. raysrenegade

    I will let you have the “best rivalry” tag based on longevity of the series from long, long, long time ago.
    But I a thinking of us three, the Rays , Yankees and Red Sox as a “Triad of Terror” now.
    Each of us has a wild hold on one of the members of the triad and can win almost at will at times.
    The rest of this year is going to be so much fun.
    I like us down in third right now only because the stress is less and the rewards are better.
    But, within the next two weeks there will be some huge gaps in the division because of losses
    Then we will know who has the right stuff this season.

    Rays Renegade


  47. jimmy27nyy

    Thanks, Dillon …

    Yeah, I think the Yankees will win at least three of four games this series, as well as, at least seven or eight wins in the remaining ten games against the Red Sox … [with the 13-6 win, the Yanks already have one win of the remaining “ten” this season] !!!
    Enjoy the game tonight, Dillon !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  48. jimmy27nyy

    Game #10 — Friday, August 7, 2009 …
    Going into the bottom of the 5th, this game is certainly living up to its billing as Josh Beckett of the Red Sox and A.J. Burnett of the Yankees are engaged in an old-fashioned “pitchers duel” with the score tied 0-0 !!! … Ellsbury has the only hit by the Red Sox so far, and both Pedroia and Youkilis have two walks apiece … The Yankees have three hits, one each by Cano [double], Matsui, and Posada; and Swisher and Melky both reached first by a base-on-ball !!! … The Yanks have turned two double plays, and the Sox turned one DP !!!
    Bottom of the 5th …
    Beckett has loaded the bases with two outs with Derek Jeter coming up to the plate … The pitch — groundball to third base, a slow roller, and Jeter is out 5-3 !!!
    Top of the 6th … Red Sox 0, Yanks 0
    — Jimmy, “BY&L

  49. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Rays Renegade …

    I like your “Triad of Terror” description of the growing rivalry between the Yankees, Rays, and Red Sox !!! … It is very important for one of the three top teams in the AL East to “win” the division, because only two of the three will make the playoffs, or, maybe, only the division winner will get into the post-season because the Texas Rangers are very much in the “wild card” race !!! … Yes, it will be fun to watch as this “race for first” in the AL East goes down to the wire !!! … The schedule will be a big part of this race, as the Yankees play the Red Sox three times at Yankee Stadium in the final week of the season; and, the Yankees end the season with three games vs. the Rays in Tampa Bay !!! … Now, that is exciting to think about, and it really doesn’t get much better than the way this season is going so far !!!
    Have a great night, Rays Renegade !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  50. jimmy27nyy

    Oh !!! … What a game !!!
    Bottom of the 8th — game still tied …
    Red Sox 0, Yankees 0
    A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett were both brilliant !!!
    Both are now out of the game …
    — A.J. Burnett pitched 7.2 innings, while allowing no runs, on only one hit, a lead-off, bloop single to right field by Dustin Pedroia … A.J. also walked six, and struck out six !!! … Phil Hughes replaced Burnett, and got the final out of the 8th on a fly ball to center !!!
    Josh Beckett pitched just as well, throwing seven brilliant innings, while allowing no runs, on four hits, two walks, and seven strikeouts !!! … Okajima pitched a scoreless bottom of the 8th inning for the Sox !!!
    Mariano Rivera entered the game in the top of the 9th, and struck out the first two batters, Victor Martinez and Kevin Youkilis … David Ortiz then singled, before J.D. Drew make the final out on a liner to Alex Roriguez at third !!!
    Into the bottom of the 9th we go …
    Still tied !!!
    Red Sox 0, Yankees 0
    Wow, what a game !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  51. jimmy27nyy

    Extra Innings …
    Red Sox 0, Yankees 0
    — Mariano Rivera only pitched the 9th inning !!!
    — Alfredo Aceves is now pitching the top of the 10th inning !!!
    — I would have kept Mariano in the game for one more inning !!!
    — Two outs, with Woodward up at the plate … Walk !!!
    — Ellsbury is up next … Base hit to right field !!!
    — Dustin Pedroia now batting with a first and second situation … Oh those base-on-balls !!!
    — Fly ball to left … Damon makes the catch … out number three !!!
    Bottom of the 10th …
    Red Sox 0, Yankees 0
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  52. jimmy27nyy

    Bottom of the 12th … still tied !!!
    Red Sox 0, Yankees 0
    Melky Cabrera up at the plate with runners on first and second, and two outs … Manny Delcarmen on the mound for the Sox …
    — ball (1-0)
    — ball (2-0)
    — ball (3-0)
    — strike (3-1)
    — pop up to second base. Pedroia makes the catch for the final out of the inning.
    Into the top of the 13th … still tied: 0-0
    Brian Bruney on the mound !!! … 1-2-3 and out !!!
    YES !!!
    Onto the bottom of the 13th inning !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  53. jimmy27nyy

    Bottom of the 14th … the game is still tied: 0-0
    With two runners on base, a great catch by J.D. Drew off the bat of Eric Hinske, who hit a solid line drive to right field, saved the game for the Red Sox keeping the score tied 0-0 !!! … Then, Melky hit a shot down the right field line that was “just” foul — that also could have been the game-winning hit !!!
    A one-two-three inning by Phil Coke in the top of the 15th …
    Still: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  54. jimmy27nyy

    Well, finally, after five hours and thirty three minutes, at 12:42 a.m. Saturday morning, August 8, 2009 …
    The Yankees Win, The Yankees Win, The Yankees Win !!!
    In the bottom of the 15th inning, with Derek Jeter on first base after hitting a single, and two outs, with Red Sox rookie reliever Tazawa on the mound, Alex Rodriguez hit a game-winning, walk-off, two-run homer, that gave the New York Yankees a 2-0 victory over the Boston Red Sox in a “classic game for the ages” that will long be remembered as one of the most exciting baseball games ever !!!
    Certainly, “Playoff Baseball In August”, or any time of the year, as the great Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry continues to provide classic moments in its own “season within a season” !!! … A game like this one is even more exciting because it is the Yankees playing the Red Sox with all the great history and tradition of these two great teams throughout the years !!!
    The pitching was brilliant, especially by A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett !!! … It was just a very special baseball game, played by two very special teams !!!
    Everybody, have a very restful night !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  55. Jane Heller

    What a game, Jimmy. A true classic. Pitcher’s duels make me so nervous and this was no exception, but both starting pitchers were brilliant and the bullpens were great too. I didn’t know how it would end – it was like a riveting novel you can’t put down – but I’m thrilled that the Yankees finally got the job done in the 15th. Oh, boy. Definitely one for the ages.


  56. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    This classic 2-0, 15 innings win by the Yankees over the Red Sox was one of the most exciting and greatest games I have ever seen !!! … A true “classic game for the ages” that had everyone at the edge of their seats — a really tense and brilliant showdown by two great teams battling it out for first place in the AL East !!! … “October Baseball In August” in the Beautiful Bronx, New York !!! … I would like to watch a pitchers duel like last night’s game, over a slugfest any day of the week or year !!! … A very special game that we will all remember for the rest of our lives !!!
    Take care, Jane !!! … Enjoy today’s game !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  57. welikeroywelikeroy

    I, even being a Jays, always love watching the rivalry! It makes the games just as sweet to watching knowing that one the teams is bound to lose, helping the Jays in the standings.

    Other than that, Robert’s stolen base in game 4, Bucky ‘freakin’ Dent, Jerry Coleman and Aaron Boone are enough moments to keep me hooked. Crazy that stat I heard in Game one of this series. The last trade the Yankees made with the Red Sox was in 1997, 12 years ago, involving Mike Stanley and Tony Armas. History has definately told both teams to make trades as insignificant as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if that trade lasts another 12 years.

    As for this season, I don’t think any team can touch the Yankees if they can keep this up.


  58. juliasrants

    Jimmy – what a night! Thanks for joining us on Brownie Points! And no – we don’t always talk Sci-fi and techie stuff; but after all the late nights we Red Sox fans have had we are all a little punchy. Hope you’ll stop by today.


  59. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jeremy …

    The Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry is the greatest in baseball and all sports, and I guess for fans of the other teams in the AL East, in your case the Blue Jays, it is a good thing when the Yankees play the Red Sox ’cause it does help your team in the standings when either the Yanks or Sox lose !!! … I enjoy all the games the Yankees play against the other teams in the AL East; but, the Yankees vs. Red Sox games are really much more special … Although, playing the Rays, Blue Jays, and Orioles have the next level of excitement as compared to all the rest of the teams in Major League Baseball [and, the L.A. Angels also have to go on that list] !!!
    That is an interesting stat in your comments regarding Yankee trades with the Red Sox … The last trade was in 1997? … I did not think it was that long ago, but Mike Stanley really was a good player for the Yankees in that era !!! … I don’t know how many trades the Yankees have made with the Red Sox; but, Babe Ruth, Red Ruffing, and Sparky Lyle immediately come to mind as great players the Yankees received from the Red Sox in trades !!!
    Finally, I agree with you Jeremy about the Yankees chances of winning it all this year … The Yanks are playing very well right now, and I do expect them to continue on this winning path — right into the World Series !!!
    Take care, Jeremy !!! … Thanks for the visit !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  60. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Julia …

    It was fun to visit the “Brownie Points” Red Sox mlblog the other night during the “classic” 15 innings, 2-0, Yankees victory over the Red Sox !!! … It was a well-played game by both teams, but it was the pitcher’s duel between A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett that made this game so special, as well as, the great work by both bullpens !!! … In my view, this was one of the greatest games ever played, and certainly one of the most exciting games that I have ever seen !!!
    On a side note, Julia … I didn’t mind all the Sci-fi talk during the Brownie Points comments … I am actually a big “Star Trek” fan, especially “The Next Generation” !!! … So, see, you learned something new about me in this response !!!
    I did not get a chance to visit Brownie Points during Saturday’s 5-0 Yankees win over the Red Sox. But, I will try to visit during Sunday night’s ESPN game, the final game of this four-game series !!! … And, certainly, I will vist in the future !!!
    Take care, Julia !!! … Have a great night, and enjoy the final game of this series !!!
    — Jimmy, “B&L”

  61. JQuist

    *Jeez man, that’s pretty in-depth… Nice work! Taking first place is enough for me, because if we’re 12 games ahead by the time Boston comes back around – there’s little reason to worry about the rivalry From here on out, we need to focus on winning everyday, (not just the next Boston series,) – and bringing the magic to the playoffs. We’ve shown the Sox what we can do to ’em – now we need to continue doing it to everybody else… We got revenge!


  62. junojen

    Hi, Jimmy.

    My compliments to you on a great post about the greatest rivalry in baseball (if not all sports). As everyone is saying, the current Yankee team is not the same team we beat 8-0 earlier this season. By the same token, the Red Sox are also not the same team. Unfortunately, our swing is to the negative while yours is to the positive. There is still a lot of baseball to be played between these two teams. Unfortunately, most of it will be at Yankee Stadium!

    Keep up the great blogging. I love talking Yankees vs. Red Sox with fans who can keep it civilized.


  63. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, JQuist …

    It was a great weekend for the Yankees and Yankee fans, as the four-game sweep by the Yanks over the Red Sox showed that the New York Yankees are the best team in the AL East at this point in the season (as of August 11, 2009) !!! … Like you said, we just “need to focus on winning everyday”, and if the Yankees keep on doing that, our journey will surely end with the Yankees winning their 27th World Championship at the end of the 2009 season !!!
    Take care, JQuist !!!
    Thanks for your visit; and, have a great day !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  64. jimmy27nyy

    Also, JQuist …

    Thanks for your kind words about my above post on the great Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry, and their “Season Within A Season” !!! … All these games are very special, just like playoff games during the season, and we should be very proud of the Yankees and the great performance they delivered in their four-game sweep of the Red Sox !!! …… It is a wonderful view at the top of the AL East in first place !!!
    “Go Yankees” !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  65. jimmy27nyy

    Thanks, Jennifer …

    The Yankees and Red Sox rivalry is the greatest in baseball and all sports !!! … Boston had the early advantage this season with an 8-0 record vs. the Yanks in the first half of 2009; but, now, the New York Yankees have taken over that advantage with their big four-game sweep this past weekend (Aug 6-7-8-9th) … More importantly, the Yanks are in first place, up by five and a half games as of August 11th !!! … I agree, Jen, like you said, “there is still a lot of baseball to be played between these two teams” … and, this season still has a long way to go between the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays in the “race for first place” in the AL East !!! … It will be fun to watch !!!
    Thanks, again, for your visit and kind words about my above post !!! … I always enjoy and look forward to talking baseball, especially about the Yankees and Red Sox, with knowledgeable fans like yourself, Jen !!!
    Take care, and have a nice day !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  66. jimmy27nyy

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009 …
    Hi, Everybody,
    I just would like to send out a huge “Thank You” for all your visits, and excellent comments and thoughts on my above post on the great Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry, a special “Season Within A Season” between these two all-time historic teams !!!
    I greatly appreciate everybody who has visited my blog, and especially look forward to all your comments !!!
    All are always welcome to visit any time !!!
    Have a wonderful day !!!
    And, enjoy all the baseball action throughout the upcoming weeks that will surely be fun to watch as the pennant races heat up in August and September !!!
    Take care, and best wishes …
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  67. raysfanboy

    Wow, that is quite a post. Very comprehensive. I was sad to see in each of the standings updates my Rays falling further and further behind. Ouch. I’m hoping for the wild card, but it seems like those Red Sox aren’t going to give it up easily. We’ve got a few weeks left though, right!?

  68. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Raysfanboy !!! …

    Thanks for the kind words about my “season-long” post on the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry !!! … The Yankees are playing very well right now [in first place, up by 6.5 games over the Boston; and, 10.5 games over Tampa Bay as of Friday, August 14, 2009] !!! … But, it still is a long way to go until the end of the season, and, I still think, this pennant race in the AL East will go down to the wire between the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays !!! … Whatever the results, though, the AL East is the best Division in Baseball !!!
    Take care, Raysfanboy; Thanks for the visit !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  69. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, 2yankeeboy …

    I hope all baseball teams, especially, the Yankees, take a very close look at the success of the Texas Rangers this year, and how the “old-school” approach by VP/Baseball Director, Nolan Ryan regarding “pitch-counts” and “innings-limitations” has really helped to bulid up the Texas pitchers, and pitching staffs throughout their entire organization !!! … Ryan has basically eliminated pitch-counts and limits on innings which has led to much success for the Rangers … Only time will tell if the other baseball organizations will follow this successful pitching philosophy !!! .. I hope the Yankees will change their approach regarding these issues !!!
    The Yankees are playing very well right now, and just started their 10-game road trip to the West Coast with a big 11-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners !!! … CC Sabathia threw another brillant game: eight innings pitched; one run allowed, on three hits, two walks, and 10 strikeouts, to increase his record to (13-7), and the Yankees record to (72-43) !!! … I still think the race will go down to the wire in the AL East between the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays; so, all the Yankees have to do is keep winning games and series’ to play baseball in October this year, in route to their 27th World Championship.
    Have a great day, 2yankeeboy !!! … Thanks for the visit !!!
    “Go Yankees” !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  70. jimmy27nyy

    August 23, 2009 …
    Thanks, Dillon !!!
    This current three-game series at Fenway Park is tied at one game apiece — with the Yankees taking the first game, 20-11 … and, the Red Sox winning the middle game, 14-1 !!! … Let’s hope CC Sabathia has a great performance in the final game against Josh Beckett, leading the Yankees to victory !!! … This game will surely be a classic pitcher’s duel, and fun to watch !!!
    Take care, Dillon !!! … Enjoy the game tonight !!!
    “Go Yankees” !!!
    — Jimmy, “BY&L”

  71. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Tribe Ted …

    Thanks for the visit and great comments !!!
    Yes, The Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry is like you said, “a great one” !!! … All Yankee and Red Sox fans always look forward to these games every year, as they are the highlights of each new season !!! … The pennant race in the AL East continues, as there still are many games yet to be played … But, the way the Yankees are playing, they are on a solid winning path that hopefully will end with a World Series victory — the New York Yankees 27th World Championship !!!
    Thanks, again, for the visit, Tribe Ted !!! … You are welcome to stop by any time !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  72. JQuist

    – I’m kind of putting the Yankees/Boston matchup to rest for a little while. (Not that your writing wasn’t great – definently good stuff!) But because we’ve proven ourselves at this point. Boston got the best of us in the beginning of the season, but we’re a completely different ballclub at this point… (Which resulted in a sweep the next time we met.) From here on out, I’m only concerned with our games ahead and what we do in the post-season. I’ll pay attention to Boston’s losses against other teams, but we’ve put the “0-8 start” behind us. If we’re 9 games ahead by the time we play them for the final series, losing once or twice isn’t the end of the world. The playoffs are what will matter at that point…


  73. jimmy27nyy

    Sunday, August 30, 2009 …
    Hi, JQuist …
    Well, at the start of baseball action on Sunday, August 30th, the Yankees and Red Sox both continue to play well !!! … The Yankees (81-48), still hold a six game lead over the Red Sox (75-54), in the AL East, with the Sox two up on the Texas Rangers (72-56), and four up on the Tampa Bay Rays (70-58) in the American League “wild card” race !!! … It will be fun to watch the games in September, as the pennant race goes down to the wire !!! … Playoff Baseball in September will be just as exciting as the August Playoff Baseball was !!!
    Take care, JQuist !!!
    “Go Yankees” !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

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