A-Rod Needs Hip Surgery … Will Be Out For 10 Weeks

In a breaking news story, as reported on ESPN and WFAN 660 New York Radio, at about 11:00 a.m. ET, Alex Rodriguez will have to undergo surgery to remove a cyst from his right hip. The report stated that this surgery will sideline A-Rod for at least “ten” weeks.

The report has not been officially confirmed by the New York Yankees.

Also, Sweeny Murti, of WFAN, reported that he asked Yankees Manager, Joe Girardi, about the Alex Rodriguez news, and Girardi had no knowledge of the possible surgery. 

No further details were released.  

So, the A-Rod saga continues.

Very sad. Very sad, indeed !!!


Update …

New York Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman, talked to the media late in the afternoon with new information regarding Alex Rodriguez’s medical condition in his right hip.

Cashman stated that A-Rod has not experienced any pain in his hip area this spring, but did have stiffness and some restriction in his right hip. This led to Rodriguez getting a MRI on the hip this past Saturday, which revealed a cyst in that area. 

The Yankees then decided to send A-Rod to be examined by Dr. Marc Philippon, a leading expert in this field, in Vail, Colorado. This is when it was discovered that Rodriguez had a torn labrum and cyst in his right hip.

At first it was reported that A-Rod would have surgery next Monday. But, those reports were a little premature at the time. The cyst was drained today, and it was determined by the doctors, A-Rod, and the Yankees, that they will wait a few days before making a final decision regarding surgery.

As Brian Cashman said today, there are two ways to treat this injury, either with a conservative approach or an aggressive approach.

A conservative approach involves: rest, exercise, and treatment.

An aggressive approach will involve surgery, and a recovery time of up to four months.

At this time, the conservative approach will be taken in hopes that surgery will not be needed.

So, that is basically where this situation is at this present moment. 

This is a very serious injury, and whatever approach is taken to heal Alex’s hip, we all hope and pray for a full recovery.   



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Not good for the Dominican Republic either. Vernon Wells has also gone down with a hamstring pull for the Jays. You look at these guys contracts, then you think: “Was this worth it?” When these injuries occur – because they can happen at anytime – it should be a wake-up call for teams that invest THAT much money into one player. Vernon Wells is a great player, my main problem with him is he is TOO INJURED all the time! That makes him not a good investment! I wonder if AROD will have a similar fate in New York? He hasn’t brought a WS there. Can anybody make a good investment in New York??

  2. crazy19canuck

    Don’t feel guilty, Julia.

    Homer – Hopefully, Vernon will stay healthy this year. The Jays will need him.

    Jimmy – A-Rod, no doubt, will be his “old self” again soon. Question for ya…What are the Yanks saying about all this? This is not quite the kind of attention they were looking for I’m sure.


  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    This is what Mike Lowell had (I think). If A-Rod can perform comfortably, then yeah… keep the surgery until after the 2009 season. But, this really hindered Mike Lowell’s range of mobility at third, and his power at the plate. He said that it felt like a “knife” each time he took a swing. But, if he has been okay– I’d say just let him be!

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jeremy …

    Sorry to hear about Vernon Wells … I didn’t know he was injured !!! … It is a concern for all teams when they sign players to long-term deals, ’cause injuries can happen at any time, to any player !!! … But, to sign these players, teams are competing against other teams, so that is why the dollar amounts are where they are at this time in all sports !!! … If the Yankees didn’t sign A-Rod when they did, the Red Sox probably would have signed him — so, they had to give him the money he wanted !!! … But, this winter many clubs held back on the amount of money, and, also, the length of contracts for free-agents on the market !!! … I do think the Yankees made three good investments this winter, though, signing: Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and A.J. Burnett. So, only time will tell if these long-term deals work-out, without injuries to these all-star players !!! … Thanks for the visit, Jeremy !!! … I hope is going well for you with your new job !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  5. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Julia …

    I do think A-Rod’s injury is more serious than the Yankees organization is saying at this time !!! … It looks like a very serious injury, and I hope Alex Rodriguez makes a full recovery !!! … Take care, Julia !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  6. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Emma …

    Juan Pierre does bring a lot of speed and good batting average to the baseball field … But, the Yankees are set in the outfield at this time !!! … If Pierre did play third base, well, maybe, the Yanks would consider some sort of a deal !!! … For now it looks like the Yankees will go with Cody Ransom at third !!! … Thanks for the visit, Emma !!!

  7. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Canuck …

    Well, basically, like I reported in my update on the above post, Brian Cashman said, the Yankees will take a conservative approach regarding the A-Rod hip injury, which will include: rest, exercise, and treatment !!! … But, I think this injury is more serious than the Yankees have said; and, A-Rod will def need surgery at some point in the future … Take care, Canuck !!! … Jimmy [2NYY], “BY&L”

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Bob …

    Well, the Yankees will miss Alex Rodriguez in the lineup; and, Cody Ransom is okay as a back-up infielder … But, I don’t know about long-term !!! … I would say, as long as the Yankees replacement for A-Rod at third, is a “real” third baseman, who can actually field the position — the Yankees will be better off, than putting someone at third “just” because he is a good hitter !!! … It is not a good situation for the Yankees, no matter who replaces A-Rod at third !!! … Take care, Bob !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, gomets1010 …

    Yes, that about says it all !!! … It is not very good news for the Yankees !!!
    Thanks for the visit !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  10. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Caroline [xcicix] …

    I hope you are right !!! … But, I think the A-Rod injury is much more serious than the Yankees are saying at this time !!! … Take care, Caroline !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  11. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Elizabeth …

    I agree, the A-Rod injury is not good news for the Yanks no matter what happens from this point on !!! … This is a very serious injury, and just like Mike Lowell was out of action for awhile with the Red Sox, this could be the same case for Alex Rodriguez !!! … So, if A-Rod still has stiffness in his right hip over the next couple of weeks, then, without question, he should have surgery “now”, because if he continues to play with this injury, A-Rod may do more damage to the hip !!! … It is not a very good situation [at all] for A-Rod; the Yankees organizaion; or the Yankee fans !!!
    Take care, Elizabeth !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

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