A-Rod Admits To Using Steroids In ESPN Interview

In a breaking news story on Mike Francesa’s WFAN sports-talk radio program this afternoon in New York, Monday, February 9, 2009, it was reported that in a taped interview with Peter Gammons on ESPN, Alex Rodriguez has admitted to using “Performance Enhancing Drugs” in the years he played for the Texas Rangers in 2001, 2002, and 2003. A-Rod expressed sorrow, and said he did not use any PED’s after that time period.

Rodriguez hit .318 with 52 HR’s and 135 RBI’s in 2001.

In 2002, he hit .300 with 57 HR’s and 142 RBI’s.

And, in 2003, A-Rod won the AL MVP Award, hitting .298 with 47 HR’s and 118 RBI’s.

The complete interview will air sometime tonight on ESPN’s “Sports Center Show”. And, I am sure parts of the interview will continue to leak out throughout the afternoon.

If these reports are accurate, then Alex Rodriguez has taken the correct approach in handling this issue. It will be interesting to watch the interview to gauge exactly how sincere A-Rod appears; but, it is a step in the right direction.

Alex Rodriguez will still have to deal with this issue the rest of this year, though, and, also, throughout the rest of his career. Most fans will appreciate A-Rod’s honesty, and it certainly is better off that he came clean. But, there still is a huge “dark cloud” over baseball because of the many disturbing events that have taken place during the “steroids era”.

The time for action is “now”, by the Players, Major League Baseball, the Team Owners, and the Players Association, to put an end to this disgraceful era in baseball by implementing Julia’s plea, in her letter to the Commissioner of Baseball, on her “Julia’s Rant’s” mlblog.

In her letter, Julia puts forth the following suggestion …

“From This Day Forward, Any Player Who Tests Positive For A Banned Substance Is Thrown Out Of Baseball. Period”.

All baseball fans can only hope and pray that these events surrounding Alex Rodriguez will be a “new” wake up call to all of Major League Baseball to take serious action to work together to implement a “Zero Tolerance Policy” regarding steroids and all performance enhancing drugs !!!  


To view “Julia’s Rant’s” mlblog, and letter, click on …



To view Alex Rodriguez’s lifetime stats, click on …




Jimmy Curran, “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”  



  1. juliasrants

    Jimmy – I am honored that you put a link to my letter on your blog today. Yes, alone we are but small cogs in this game of baseball – but together – we ARE baseball! We the fans are what make the game so great. We throw our hearts and souls into the game. And it is NOT wrong that we expect those men who play this game we love to playe fairly and honestly and drug free. I could NOT look into the eyes of my teen-aged boys if I sat back and did nothing. Thank you Jimmy! For your support and kindness. Together we can make this game we love better then ever!


  2. bigjay21

    The thing is, he put up pretty darn good numbers the 5 years leading up to his juicing…..
    1996 – .358 AVG 36 HR 123RBI
    1997 – .300 AVG 23 HR 84 RBI
    1998 – .310 AVG 42 HR 124 RBI
    1999 – .285 AVG 42 HR 111 RBI
    2000 – .316 AVG 41 HR 132 RBI
    Not bad numbers by any stretch…. and his streak of 11 straight years with 35 HR/100 RBI are still impressive if you take away the 3 juicing years (which, btw, only added ~10 HRs and 10 RBIs….. his average actually went DOWN in those 3 years……
    This is the reason why I don’t really buy into the whole “PED” thing, as even the best players don’t really improve the point where it really shows, as baseball is a SKILL game, where bulkiness is really a handicap than an advantage….

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Thanks, for the kind words, Julia …

    Yeah, as baseball fans, we should expect the players to give their best each game, and, also, expect that they are playing “fair” without using steroids or any other performance enhancing drugs to “artificially” improve their stats and play on the field !!! … The players should want to maintain these standards for themselves, but should also maintain these standards for their baseball teams, the fans, and especially, the young fans !!! … And, as baseball fans, when we see something that does not look right, we should at least express, and talk about, our opinions with other baseball fans and the officials and “powers that be” of Major League Baseball !!! … If we stay together as fans we can make a difference by expressing our thoughts, ideas, and opinions !!! … Take care, and continue the excellent work on your mlblog, Julia !!!… Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, jerseybombers …

    You make some good points about Alex Rodriguez’s stats !!! … He did not really have a major jump in his numbers during the years [2001, ’02, ’03] that he claimed were the only years that he used PEDs … And, certainly his batting average was a little lower [during the three years of his PED use] then his lifetime BA; but A-Rod’s “slugging percentage” in those three years [.622 in 2001; .623 in 2002; and, .600 in 2003] where his highest in his career except for the years: 1996 (.631); and 2007 (.645) … A-Rod also had a “Slug%” over .600 in the years: 2000 (.606); and 2005 (.610) … Overall, though, I would agree, just looking at A-Rod’s numbers, show consistency throughout his career [except, an obvious increase in homeruns in ’01, ’02, ’03] … Also, PED’s do help in reducing the recovery time from workouts and minor injuries, which I’m sure allowed Alex [and, other PED users] to increase their workout schedules !!! … Excellent comments and thoughts … Thanks for the visit !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  5. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Bob …

    Yeah, we have to give A-Rod credit for coming forward at this time, and being honest about his PED use; it is a step in the right direction !!! … Alex Rodriguez has earned a little more respect, from most baseball fans, for being honest about this very sad situation … But, it is not totally over, as A-Rod will still have to deal with this issue, and still have to answer many more questions, in 2009, and throughout his career !!! … The whole “steroids era” is a very sad time for our great game of Baseball; and, now, it’s time for MLB to take action, to prevent these events from continuing to happen in the future !!! … Thanks for your visit and comments, Bob !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  6. Jane Heller

    I want what’s best for baseball, Jimmy, but “cheating” has been around for a long, long time in different forms. Did you hear Jim Kaat talk about it last night on the MLB Network? He said if he were a pitcher in Texas and somebody said, “Here’s something that’ll give your fastball more life and you won’t be penalized for taking it,” he would take it in a heartbeat. Doesn’t make it right. I hate that we’re even talking about it. I hate that A-Rod gave in to temptation and lied about it. I hope MLB and the union come up with a stronger policy. But I think the game will be fine in the end. Hope so anyway.


  7. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Kaybee …

    It was good to see A-Rod make his confession that he did indeed use PED’s !!! … Like you said, “this was a great move on his part” !!! … But, it will be interesting to see how A-Rod handles the media when he reports to spring training next week … Only time will tell how all this will affect Alex Rodriguez’s play on the field, and, also, how all these distractions will affect the whole Yankees team, on and off the field !!! … Thanks for the visit; I will also check-out your A-Rod story on your blog !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    Yeah, I did hear the Jim Katt interview on the MLB Network the other day, and was surprised he said that he would consider using performance enhancing stuff if it was available when he played, and if there were no penalities if someone got caught using the PED’s !!! … Like you said Jane, [and I agree], “I hate that we’re even talking about all these issues” … But, then, when I hear comments from current or former ballplayers, saying they would consider using PED’s if there were no penalities, I immediately think of players like Derek Jeter who has said he has not used PED’s [and, I totally believe him] … Players like Jeter have overcome the temptation, and I would take Derek Jeter’s career, and his four World Series rings [and hopefully many more over the next few years], any day of the week, over Alex Rodriguez’s career, even if A-Rod hits 800+ homeruns and achieves other prominent records that will always be tainted !!! … Those tainted records may keep A-Rod out of the Hall of Fame; but, Derek Jeter will, without question, be voted into the “Hall” the first year he is eligible !!! … With all that said, this is why it is so important that MLB and the Players Association implements a “zero tolerance” policy regarding all PED’s !!! ….. Great comments as usual, Jane !!! …… Jimmy[27NYY], “BY&L”

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, William, [Neal07] …

    Yeah, I agree, jerseybombers makes some good points about A-Rod [you can refer to my response to jerseybombers comments above] … But, the real issue is, we don’t know how much the steroids and PED’s helped Alex Rodriguez, and other players, over the years … The stats of some players were very obviously enhanced and helped by PED’s [Bonds and others for example] … But, A-Rod’s numbers have been very consistent throughout his career, except for an increase in homeruns and slug% in 2001, ’02, ’03 [the only years he claimed he used PED’s] … And, A-Rod’s body type does not have the bulk of a PED user !!! … So, who really knows? … But, PED use def helps players recover more quickly after workouts, and, also, helps player injuries heal more quickly !!! … Thanks for the visit, William !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  10. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    Yes, this is a wake-up call for all of Major League Baseball; and, MLB and the Players Association need to really put together a “serious” plan that will implement a “zero tolerance policy” regarding steroids and PED’s in MLB and all professional baseball, that includes, “banning for life” all players that test positive for any performance enhancing drugs, this year, and in all future years !!! … Regarding your question: Do I accept A-Rod’s apology? … Well, I certainly respect him a little bit more, as he def took a step in the right direction admitting his PED use [though, I will never understand or condone reasons any players give for using steroids, and, or, PED’s] … Alex Rodriguez seemed to be honest in his interview, even though it was way past the fact of his use of PED’s, and, he was very vague answering some of the questions. So, unless additional reports surface that Alex Rodriguez also used PED’s in other years than, 2001, ’02, ’03, I give him credit for coming clean regarding his PED use, and will give him the benefit of the doubt, at least, at this time !!! … But, I will always consider A-Rod’s stats [and other PED abusers] “tainted”; and, if I had a vote, probably would not vote for him to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame when he is eligible sometime around the year 2025 !!! … Thanks for your visit, and comments, Elizabeth !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  11. welikeroywelikeroy

    Admitting it will help him in the longrun. It is still a big shock to the baseball world. More testing and a hardline policy on those who are caught are good steps. Arod will be ‘hearing it’ in every ballpark he goes next season. And if he isn’t hitting about .260 he will be ‘hearing it’ in Yankee Stadium as well.

  12. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jeremy …

    Alex Rodriguez took a big step in the right direction admitting his PED use, but he still has many questions to answer. It will be interesting to see how he handles the media when he reports to spring training next week; and, it will also be interesting to see how A-Rod deals with all the jeering from opposing fans around the league, and I’m sure by some Yankee fans at Yankee Stadium !!! … I hope MLB and the Players Association put in place a serious “zero tolerance policy” — banning for life — any players who test positive for steroid, and, or, PED use !!! … And, this policy needs to be put in place “now” so these distractions do not continue cover our great game of baseball with a “dark cloud” !!! … Thanks for the visit, Jeremy !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

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