Babe Ruth Must Be Crying !!!

Red Sox 11, Yankees 3





Tampa Bay Rays           80 – 51   .611     —

Boston Red Sox            77 – 55   .583     3.5

New York Yankees        70 – 62   .530    10.5

Toronto Blue Jays         68 – 64   .515    12.5

Baltimore Orioles          63 – 70   .474    18.0



Chicago White Sox        76 – 57    .571      —

Minnesota Twins           75 – 58    .564     1.0



L.A. Angels                    80 – 52    .606      —   



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Tough series against the Red Sox, now I got some bad news, your going to hate me. The Blue Jays are coming into town, looking to take 3rd place again. You hate me don’t you?

    The series should be a good one though, its the last time the Blue Jays will play in Yankee Stadium. We’ve also, called up a youngster. Travis Snider, 20 years old, from AAA. He is a Baseball America top 10, and he has been moving through the minors with great ease. The Jays are very high on the guy and it will be good to get a look at him.

    I can remember some pretty heated pennet races in Yankee Stadium, with the Blue Jays. I made it down to the Stadium for the game where Chamberlain made his debut vs. Halladay, early this year. It is a magical place, and you can feel the history right when you walk in the building. I hope the new one is all that and more, I’m sure it will be.


  2. jimmy27nyy


    Why would I hate you? … You’re right !!! … Every game by the Yankees down the stretch will be difficult to win … With Burnett and Halladay pitching this weekend against the Yankees, it will be a very difficult task for the Yankees to “sweep”, or, even, take two-out-of three games against he Blue Jays !!! … The Yankees came very close to being swept by the Red Sox. Jon Lester was pitching a great 2-0 shutout, and when they took him out of the game, it opened the door for the Yanks … In the past, the starting pitcher would have stayed in a game like Lester was pitching yesterday. If Lester stayed in the game, the Yankees probably would have sent up Ivan Rodriguez to pinch hit, not Jason Giambi, and the result could have been much different … Giambi has saved the Yankees season, for now … but, it will not be easy; and, like you said, Toronto is right behind the Yankees, ready to move into third place !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  3. jimmy27nyy

    William, [NMYF]

    Yeah, I seen your explanation regarding your name on your blog … It’s now clear !!! … Also, your last post was excellent; and, the song was very cool !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  4. jimmy27nyy


    It was very fortunate the Yankees won that last game against the Red Sox … If the Sox swept the Yanks, that could have been the season … But, the two big hits by Jason Giambi — saved the Yankees season, for now !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

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