Bad Medicine As Doc Halladay Dazzles Yanks, 14-3

Yankees starting pitcher, Sidney Ponson, just did not have anything in the two plus innings he pitched, in the Yankees 14-3 loss to the Blue Jays yesterday. “Sir Sid” allowed seven earned runs, on eight hits, one walk, and no strikeouts before being removed from the game in the third inning, after six batters reached base withount any outs.

The Yankees were down, 7-0, in this game, at the end of three innings. Basically, the game was over at this point, as Blue Jays starter, Roy Halladay, was totally baffling the Yankee batters with his wicked breaking pitches that were literally taking four foot drops after arriving at the plate, then sailing into catcher, Rod Barajas’ glove, as the Yankee hitters kept swinging right through the pitches without making any contact. 

Roy Halladay, (15-9), produced seven strikeouts in his first five scoreless innings of work, while his teammates in the Blue Jays lineup pounded three Yankee pitchers, Sidney Ponson, (7-4), David Robertson, and Billy Traber, with 16 hits, for a 13-0 lead at the end of the 5th. 

Hideki Matsui hit a three-run homerun in the top of the 7th, to break up the shutout, and put the Yankees on the board, 13-3.

Halladay, who has 8 Complete Games his season, was finished after the 7th inning, as the Jays bullpen closed out the game, pitching two scoreless innings in the 8th and 9th.

The Blue Jays scored one more run in the bottom of the 8th inning to complete the scoring in their 14-3 victory. 

The Yankees lost two of the three games in this series against the Blue Jays. Not much more to say about that, other than, this is not exactly what the Yankees had in mind when they arrived in Toronto at the start of this very important three-game series.

There is a pennant race going on in the AL EAST. Winning games is the only thing that matters if the Yankees expect to make the playoffs this season. 



  1. bob6k

    His sinker was unbelievable. Hope he has it working again for the other contenders!

    Sidney had an “expected” game, he can be better, but not likely often.

    Good to see Hideki with a jack!

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    No worries, we did the same to Boston today with Jesse Litch pitching. The Blue Jays bats are starting to wake up and we showed it against Jon Lester today.

  3. kozmo

    Hey Jimmy. Halladay was tremendous yet again against New York and, with Ponson struggling, this game was over after the third inning. I’m glad to see Matsui working to find his batting stroke, but this team is in real trouble and has been for some time this season. I agree that they need to take care of their own business and win but, given where they are in the standings, they now need some teams such as Boston and Minnesota/Chicago to collapse. While Boston has had injuries, they’ve not lost anything to NY. Nor has Tampa, which has played without Crawford and Longoria but, to their credit, continue to play great ball and lead the division. Credit where due, other teams are just better, and not simply playing better, than the Yankees. Tampa is first among them. I was listening to the White Sox sterling radio broadcast with Ed Farmer and Steve Stone today, and they had some excellent commentary about the Rays, including picking up players such as Gross, Hinske, Floyd, and Percival, and what effects they’ve had not only on the play but the seriousness of the Rays. They’re for real, and I respect how they’ve done what they’ve done.

    Sorry I haven’t posted more comments. It’s been a busy stretch the last couple weeks. Plus, with the Yankees woes, I’ve had little but bemoaning to add.

  4. jimmy27nyy


    Halladay was great in the14-3 Yankees loss — not much more to say than that !!! … Hideki Matsui hit another homerun in the Yanks 5-3 win in Game #2; also, big homer by Jason Giambi in the game … We really need the middle of the lineup to keep hitting and driving home runs the rest of the way to take pressure off the pitching staff, and, of course, win games.

  5. jimmy27nyy


    Big 11-0 win by Blue Jays over the Red Sox … Hopefully, the Jays win the final game of the series, and the Yankees sweep the Orioles … Then, the Yankees go for the three-game sweep of the Red Sox this week at the Stadium … Yeah, the Jays are playing very well right now, and the upcoming series in New York against the Blue Jays will again be big for the Yankees, especially, the games vs. Halladay and Burnett.

  6. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jason …

    Great to see you here for a visit !!! … Thanks !!! … Well, things do not look very good for the Yankees, but they are still in the race, and as Yogi Berra said, “it ain’t over ’till it’s over” … Winning the first two games of the Baltimore series was “very big”, as well as, the Blue Jays, 11-0, win against the Red Sox yesterday … If the Yankees complete the sweep of the Orioles today, and then we sweep the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium in the upcoming three-game series this week, well, the Yanks are right in the “wild card” race — and, we go from there … A very huge task, indeed, but I hold out hope that the Yankees somehow will make the playoffs this year !!! … You are right when you say that the Yankees “need some teams, such as Boston, Minnesota, and Chicago, to collapse” — and, of course, that’s a major part of this pennant race — if the Yankees expect to get into the post-season … All the Yankees can do, though, is their “part” — and, that’s, just keep winning ball games !!! … We will see by the end of this upcoming week what the Yankees chances are of making the playoffs this year … I hope by next Friday we will all be celebrating two straight sweeps, three-game sweeps of the Orioles and Red Sox, by the Yankees; and this momentum will carry the Yankees right into the playoffs !!! … And, yeah, we have to give a lot of credit to the Tampa Bay Rays. They are playing great, and are basically tied with the L.A. Angels for the best record in baseball. The Rays manager, Joe Maddon has really gotten the players on the Rays to play great fundamental baseball, a trait Maddon surely learned from all his years in the Angels Organization, working under Angels manager, Mike Scioscia … And, let’s not forget the “Don Zimmer” factor … Zim is “Senior Baseball Advisor” for the Rays, and he is their “good luck charm” … Zim was the Yankees “good luck charm” throughout all the “Torre Era” playoff teams … It is interesting, the Yankees have not won a Championship since Don Zimmer left [I miss seeing Derek Jeter rubbing Zimmer’s head for good luck; or, Joe Torre holding Jeter’s bat when the Yankees are on the field] … Anyway, time moves on !!! … Credit should also be given to Rays owner, Stuart Sternberg, who seems willing to spend money to build up the club; and, also, they have a great minor league system … Too bad they have to play in that “dump of a dome”, and do not have the support of the fans, and the community !!! … The Rays really need a new Stadium, and hopefully, that will happen soon !!! … We will all see how well they play down the stretch, if they “fall” under all the pressure of the rest of the 2008 pennant race … Well, that’s it for now, Jason … Again, good to read your comments and thoughts at my blog … I’ll talk to you soon, and will also be heading “down the road” to “The Heartland” [as I usually do on a regular basis], and offer some of my comments and thoughts, soon !!! … Take care, Jason !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

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