Four Homeruns Power Bombers Over Royals, 15-6 Mike Mussina Wins 16th … Career # 266

The way this game started, it looked like the K.C. Royals were going to knock Mike Mussina out early, and they would be the team that would score 15 runs. The Royals hit Mussina hard in the top of the first inning, banging out four hits that resulted in an early 3-0 lead for the Kansas City team.

But, the Bronx Bombers exploded with a display of power that brought back images of the Bombers of old, as they teed-off on Royals starter, Brian Bannister, scoring six runs in the first, and four in the second, to charge ahead 10-3 in the game.

Bannister faced a total of ten batters in the first, as the Yankees took an extended batting practice. Johnny Damon led off the game with a walk; Derek Jeter singled; and Bobby Abreu lined out to left to start off the inning. Then, on a 0-2 curve ball, Alex Rodriguez tied the game 3-3, by blasting a long three-run homerun into Monument Park.

Jason Giambi grounded to second base, for out number two in the inning, and Bannister had a chance to close out the first with the scored tied.

But, the Yankees were not finished yet. Xavier Nady hit a two-out solo homer, that hit the right field foul pole, to move the Bombers into the 4-3 lead. Then Cano singled, and scored on Jose Molina’s double. Brett Gardner, again starting in centerfield for the demoted to AAA-SWB, Melky Cabrera, followed that hit with a RBI triple, that gave the Yanks the 6-3 lead. Damon batting for the second time in the first, flied out to right to end the inning.

The Royals continued to hit Mussina hard in the second inning, as the first two batters got on base by a double and single; but, a fly-out to center, and a double play, ended any threat of a rally by K.C. This was a key moment in the game for Mike Mussina, as he held the Royals from scoring any runs, and settled down very nicely the rest of his time on the mound in this game.

The Yankees finished off Brian Bannister (7-12) in the second inning, on a lead off single by Derek Jeter (4-4); back-to-back walks to Abreu and A-Rod, to load the bases; and, then, a Grand Slam Homerun by Jason Giambi, that put the game out of reach for the Royals, as the Yankees now had a 10-3 lead.

Bannister gave up two more singles before being removed for reliever, Josh Newman, who retired the Yanks on a double play, and fly ball to center. The damage was already done, though.

The Yanks scored another run in the 3rd inning, upping their lead to, 11-3.

After the first two shaky ininngs, Mike Mussina (16-7) was perfect throughout the next four frames, retiring the final 14 batters he faced. Moose threw 97 pitches over his 6 innings of work, allowing only the three first inning runs, on six hits, without walking anyone, and striking-out five. A very solid performance by Mussina, once again.

In the 7th inning, after two outs, the Bombers tacked on another four runs. Jeter was hit by a pitch, and scored on a double by Abreu. Alex Rodriguez (3-3), with two walks, three runs scored; and five RBI’s, then singled home Abreu, for the 13-3 lead.

The next batter was, Cody Ransom, who was recently called up from SWB, and entered this game as a replacement for Giambi at first. Boom. Ransom unloaded his first homerun as a Yankee, a two-run shot into the leftfield seats, that capped off the Yankees scoring at 15 runs. His teammates encouraged him to take a curtain call to the delight of the Stadium crowd.

The Royals scored one run off Billy Traber in the 8th; and two runs off Chris Britton, on a walk to Alex Gordon, and a two-run homer by Gload, in the 9th, that completed the 15-6 score in this very important victory by the New York Yankees.

Mike Mussina is now 16-7, and continues on his path to his first 20-win season.

The Bronx Bombers were back in this game. An interesting side note about the four Yankee Homeruns, was the fact, the Yankees had sort off a “Homerun Cycle”, a feat I have never seen, and I’m sure hasn’t been accomplished many times in the history of baseball.

Jason Giambi blasted a “grand slam” homerun !!!!

Alex Rodriguez hit a long three-run homer !!!

Cody Ransom hit his first homerun as a Yankee, a two-run shot !!

Xavier Nady stroked a solo homer off the rightfield foul pole ! 

A “baseball rarity” for sure. But, isn’t it so, that we always see something we have never seen before, in each new baseball game we watch.

It was also rare [at least in 2008] to see so many runs scored by the Yankees in a game. Hopefully, the sight of many runs by the Yankees in each remaining game of this season, will not become as rare a sight as the first three-quarters of this season.   



  1. WestCoastYankees

    After being a Yankees fan since 1981, it is refreshing to see a Yankee fan and blogger so optimistic about not only the Yankees’ performance on Sunday, but the hope that they can recover and continue the postseason streak. I have read through several of your blogs and enjoy them immensely. Keep up the good work and e-mail me sometime. Take care.

  2. jimmy27nyy

    West Coast Yankees [The Blog] …

    Thank You for your kind words; and, also, visiting my blog … Yeah, I’m always very optimistic that the Yankees will find a way to make it into the playoffs each season … With 38 games remaining, it will be a very difficult task this year. But, as the great Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over, ’till it’s over” !!! … I go back a little further than you, and as a life-long, die-hard Yankees fan, I lived through the great comeback the Yankees made in 1978 when they were about 10 games behind the Boston Red Sox in mid-August, and made an awesome drive down the stretch to tie the Sox, and win that classic one-game playoff at Fenway Park, led by the dramatic Bucky Dent homerun. Then, the Yankees went onto win their second straight World Championship [’77 and ’78] … The Yankees teams of the late 1970’s were fun to watch, and the [’76-’77-’78] teams are three of the greatest in Yankees history !!! Also, look at the great run the Yankees made last year to get into the playoffs; and, for inspiration, the Yanks can look to the great pennant drive by the Colorado Rockies last year, when they won, 20 out of their last 21 games to glide into the NL Playoffs … So, I hold out hope, that as long as the Yankees are still in the race, I still think they have a great chance of making it into the playoffs in 2008 … Again, thanks for the visit … You are welcome to visit any time, as I look forward to your future comments and thoughts … I will be sure to visit your blog on a regular basis !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Enocelot …

    Thanks for the visit to my blog, and your comments about the Yankees owner, Hank Steinbrenner … Hank’s comments were not exactly statements that his father, the great George M. Steinbrenner, III, would have made, as injuries are never an excuse for losing … Just listen to Derek Jeter and Joe Girardi in their interviews — they never use all the injuries the Yankees have had this season as an excuse for losing games. They always say, the Yankees have to play the games with the players they have, and “just find a way to win” !!! … But, I think, Yankee fans should not misjudge Hank’s comments. He wants to win as much as anyone [his family owns the team, and we can be sure the Steinbrenner family wants to win every year] … If there is one thing that Yankees Tradition and Yankees History has taught us [especially, since George Steinbrenner purchased the team in the mid-1970’s], is that the goal every year for the Yankees, “is to win the World Series” – period !!! … Anything less, is a losing season !!! … Winning the World Series [every year] is something that is expected by: all Yankee fans, the players, the manager, the coaches, and the whole Yankees Organization !!! … So, as long as the Yankees are still in the race, I hold out hope that the Yankees will find a way to get into the playoffs – this year, and every year – and, win the World Championship … I think this is the expectation of everybody in the Yankees Universe !!! … Take care, enocelot … Thanks again for stopping by my blog. You’re alway welcome to visit anytime !!! … Final note: Just wondering, what baseball team you root for, and are a fan of ??? … Jimmy [27NYY]

  4. seanserritella

    Great write up. I keep hearing that Hank is giving up. He’s not giving up, he’s just facing reality that the Yankees have been hurt this year and it’s hard to win when you have so many injuries.

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    You think the Yankees have had too many injuries. Well sorry to say, but the Yankees are in for ‘a world of hurt’ these next couple of weeks against the Jays.

    That Giambi walkoff on B.J. Ryan June 5th was devastating. Pretty much ruined the Jays season. Get ready for some mad Blue Birds coming your way. All kidding aside, this should be a good series.

  6. bob6k

    Hank is definitely the “bluff and bluster” of the Yankee’s Front Office. But, it’s interesting to note that Hal threw the “financial curve ball/bluff” in July! And thank God or at least Jesus (Montero who I saw this weekend) that they draw the press away from Brian Cashman.

  7. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Sean …

    I agree, Hank Steinbrenner wants to win as much as anybody in the Yankees Organization. Injuries have def hurt the Yankees this year … But, the Yankees [or, any team for that matter], can’t use injuries as an excuse for losing … The Yanks have an All-Star lineup that basically has not hit in the clutch this year, and have left many runners in scoring position !!! … Matsui back in the lineup will help, but we need more production from everyone throughout the Yankees lineup !!!

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Robert …

    Yeah, I have had some new people checking-out my blog, and I think that is great … I welcome all comments as long as they are respectful. I do enjoy good “back and forth” / “give and take” discussions on all topics related to the Yankees and Baseball. It keeps things interesting as we go through this long baseball season following all the action on, and the mlblog community … Regarding the Yankees financial situation, I think, there is some sort of power struggle going on in the Yankees Organization … Based on reports, Hal is in charge of the finances, and Hank is in charge of the Baseball Operations — but, both have to agree when major decisions are made … Also, there seems to be other “factions” within the Yankees Organization [bean-counters], who are more concerned about making as much money as possible, and turning a profit [in every area of the operation] which may affect player decisions — not bringing certain players to New York because of the cost and length of the contracts !!! … This is not how George Steinbrenner did business … George always realized that to win, you have to bring the best players to the Yankees — whatever the cost !!! … That’s the philosophy I agree with … Money should never be an issue with the Yankees … And, going into the off-season, the main priorities for the Yankees should be: signing, Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia; and, also, re-signing, Bobby Abreu, Mike Mussina, and Andy Pettitte … Take care, Bob … Jimmy [27NYY]

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, “We’re Talking Homer, Blue Jays, and MLB” [the Blog] …

    Thanks for visiting my Blog !!! … Well, the Yankees have had a lot of injuries this year, but injuries are never an excuse for losing. The Yankees still have an All-Star lineup, but just have not hit well with runners in scoring position … with 37 games remaining, they are going to have to find a way to win, or there will be no playoff action for the Yankees this year !!! … Regarding the Yankees vs. Blue Jays three-game series — yeah, it should be a good series … In Game [#1] — A.J Burnett was awesome !!! … He threw 120 pitches over 8 innings; struck-out 13; and earned a well deserved victory … The Yankees wasted a great pitching effort by Darrell Rasner; and, Johnny Damon not making that catch in the 8th inning — really made this a very tough, and disappointing 2-1 loss for the Yankees … This win by the Blue Jays (65-60) put them only one game behind the Yankees (66-59) in the standings … So, Toronto is still in the “wild card” race [7 games behind the Red Sox]; the Yankees are 6 games behind … With this loss in the first game, and Roy Halladay pitching for the Jays in the third game, this could be a very devasting series for the Yanks, if the don’t win the next two games !!!

  10. bob6k

    The quote from Hal follows:

    “Despite the team’s success in recent years — 13 consecutive trips to the playoffs, four World Series titles and six American League pennants since 1996 — huge revenue sharing payments have resulted in the team failing to turn a profit, Steinbrenner said. Much of this occurred because his dad insisted upon pouring revenue back into the team.
    It’s frustrating,” Steinbrenner said. “People don’t realize that for the last 10 years, even when we were winning all these championships, we were not making a profit. People were thinking that we were stockpiling money left and right and that’s not the way it is. We won in ’96 and lost money. In ’98 we came close to breaking even; we made a little bit in some sense. There are things that we are trying to do that will at least get the team back to an even baseline. We have been successful, though, in utilizing the Yankee brand to initiate other businesses like the YES Network.”

    After that, I was surprised we obtained Pudge Rodriguez.
    I thought we would get someone less expensive.

    If I’m right, Brian, Hal, and Hank have equal votes. So every decision is unanimous or two to one.

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