X-Tra Special Day For Nady In Yankees 14-9 Win

In one of the most exciting comebacks by the Yankees this season, the Bronx Bombers won the final game of this very important four-game series against the Angels, 14-9, to earn a very well deserved split of the series.

After the Yanks lost the first two games, it looked like the Angels could very well sweep this four-game series, which would have been “devastating” for the Yankees.

But, Mike Mussina “dazzled” the sold-out “Old Timer’s Day” crowd with his brilliant pitching performance in Saturday’s 8-2 victory; and, on Sunday, in this game, it was the Yankee hitters, most notably, Xavier Nady, who put on a show, this time a hitting clinic.

This game could almost be equated to a “Tennis Match”, as the scoring by both teams was clearly divided over three “sets”. The winner of two of the three sets would get the victory.

The Angels clearly took the first set [the first four innings], 5-0.

The Yankees dominated set number two [innings 5, 6 and 7], 8-0.

And, in a “battle-royal”, in the final set [the 8th and 9th innings], the Yankees prevailed, 6-4, to raise the flag of their, 14-9, victory.

Darrell Rasner got belted around in the first four innings, allowing 5 runs, on 7 hits, and 3 walks, which gave the Angels an early 5-0 lead, as the game entered the bottom of the 5th.

The Stadium crowd was so quiet at this point, on a hot summer day in the Bronx, as the Yanks looked very “flat”, and uninspired on the field; and, Angels starter, John Lackey, was coasting along without any sign of trouble from the Yankee bats.

The Yankees almost did score a run in the bottom of he 4th, when they loaded the bases with one out. Jeter walked leading off the inning; Abreu singled; A-Rod struck-out; and, Jason Giambi also reached first by a walk. Xavier Nady was the next batter up, and hit a long ball to left that should have been a sac fly, cutting the Angels lead to 5-1. But, that was not the case, as the inning ended on “one the rarest plays in baseball”.

Angels left fielder, Garret Anderson, made the catch for out number two. After the catch Derek Jeter raced home easiely, and would have scored. But, Bobby Abreu, on second base, thought the ball was long enough to also advance to third, and tagged up, then headed for third after the catch. The throw from left was to third, and Abreu was out, the third out of the inning.

Jeter crossed the plate, and the Yankees thought, at least, one run scored that inning. But, No! The home plate umpire waved to the press box, that the run did not count because Abreu was out before Jeter touched the plate. A replay on the YES Network clearly showed that the ump made the right call. The play was so embarrassing, that Joe Girardi didn’t even bother to come out of the dugout to argue the call.

Baseball 101 – “Never make the first or last out of an inning at third base”.

In the second set, [innings 5-6-7], the Yankees started to make their amazing comeback, by scoring a run in the 5th; three runs in the 6th; and, four runs in the 7th, to take a 8-5 lead into the top of the 8th inning.

Ivan Rodriguez (2-for-3) put the Yanks first run of the day on the board, by hitting his first homer as a Yankee, to cut the Angels lead to 5-1.

Then, the Bombers scored three more runs in the 6th, on a two-RBI double by Nady; and, a force play RBI grounder by Wilson Betemit. Angels 5, Yankees 4.

In the 7th inning the Yankees got a break, when with one out, Derek Jeter hit an easy fly ball to centerfield, that was “dropped” by Gary Matthews, Jr, for a two-base error. This opened the flood-gates for the Bombers, as the error was followed by a RBI single by Bobby Abreu (3-for-4), that tied the score, 5-5. Alex Rodriguez then singled to set-up the most dramatic moment of the game for the Yankees.

The “X”-Man, Xavier Nady, was the next batter up, and he formally had his “christening” as an official member of the New York Yankees, when he blasted a long three-run homerun into the left field seats, to move the Yankees into the lead, 8-5.

“X”, as his friends call him, was called out of the dugout for a “curtain call” by the Stadium crowd, and Nady, who was (4-for-5), with six RBI’s, was happy to step back onto the field, and wave his cap to the cheering fans.

So, the game was tied — two sets each, with the Yankees holding the 8-5 lead.

This very exciting game entered the final set [8th and 9th innings], and the Angels would not fly away without a fight.

Dan Giese, who replaced Rasner, kept the Yankees in this game, pitching three scoreless innings, giving up only one hit, two walks, and striking-out three. Edwar Ramirez was in to pitch the 8th. 

The Angels loaded the bases off Ramirez, after he struck-out the first two batters in the top of the 8th, which brought up Mark Teixeira.

If “X” marked the spot for the Yankees on the Xavier Nady three-run homer; then, “TEX” would mark the spot for the L.A. Angels, as Teixeira rocketed a “grand-slam” homerun into the short-rightfield porch, that hushed the crowd, and put the Angels back into the lead, 9-8.

The Angels now led the final set, but the Bombers were ready to “ace” the win in this game.

Ivan Rodriguez led off the bottom of the 8th with a single, and was replaced by pinch-runner, Justin Christian. The hit-and-run was on with Melky Cabrera up, and the speed by Christian caused the shortstop, Erick Aybar to boot the possible double play ball for an error that allowed both runners to be safe. 

With Damon up at the plate, Christian stole third, and scored the tying run when the throw by catcher, Jeff Mathis went into leftfield. Melky stole second base; and Damon walked, as Jeter came up with no outs.

Jeter grounded out, and Abreu walked to load the bases, with one out, and Alex Rodriguez coming up to the plate. A-Rod hit what looked like was a double play grounder to third, but Figgins made an error that allowed the go-ahead run to score. Yankees 10, Angels 9.

The Yankees completed the scoring with a pinch-hit, two-RBI double by Robinson Cano; a RBI single by Nady, his 4th hit of the day; and, a single by Justin Christian that drove home the final run of the game.

Jose Veras pitched a scoreless 9th, to close out the victory.

Point — Set — Match … The Yankees Win, 14-9.

This was a very big win for the Yankees, and one of their best comebacks of the year. They now head out on the road for a very tough 10-game road trip starting in Texas. Joba Chamberlain pitches tonight [Monday, August 4th].  Go Yankees !!!  

On a personal note, this entry is Post: “Number 100” on my mlblog “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life” !!!

I started this blog in December, 2007, and I have really enjoyed my experience here at mlb.com. It has been fun, and I look forward to writing many more posts, and continuing to offer my comments, thoughts, and opinions about baseball, and the best team in the history of all sports, the New York Yankees.

I also thank all those who have visited my blog over the past nine months. I appreciate all the many great comments, and kind words of encouragement; and, I look forward to many more of your comments and thoughts in the future.    

Thank you for your support, and viewership of “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”.

All are welcome to visit any time !!!

— Jimmy [27NYY]   





  1. seanserritella

    That summary was as good as it gets. Great job. I enjoyed this comment you made…

    Point — Set — Match … The Yankees Win, 14-9.

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Sean … and, Thank You !!!

    This game had the feel of a tennis match, and after the first four innings with the Yankees losing, 5-0, it didn’t look too good for our “Bronx Bombers” … But, the Yanks made a few comebacks in this back-and-forth game … They took the lead, 8-5, on Nady’s three-run homer; Lost the lead on the grand slam by Teixeira, that moved the Angels ahead, 9-8; and, finally came back again, to win, 14-9 … Very Exciting Win !!! … Also, it should be noted: the Angels made four errors that resulted in 10 of the 14 Yankee runs being unearned … The two big errors by the Angels that were especially helpful to the Yankees, were: the error by Matthews in CF, dropping the fly ball by Jeter; and, of course, the bad throw by Mathis, on Justin Christian’s steal of third, that allowed the tying run to score at the time … Very Big Win !!! … Now, the Yankees need to continue this winning streak on the 10-game road trip, winning, at least 7-of-10, to stay in the race for first place in the AL EAST … Thanks, again, Sean … and, take care … Jimmy [27NYY]

  3. ricter

    Dude, this blog is awesome! I have to get one now.

    I won’t be nearly as nice as you are! There are times where I just want to SCREAM at the screen and throw stuff around when the BLOW a game or lose to the Red sox….

    i’ll make sure to check back and bring some of my strident attitude with me!

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Michael …

    Thanks for stopping by !!! … I enjoy reading your comments on Bryan Hoch’s “Bombers Beat” mlblog. It’s good to know we are all on the same page regarding the Yankees. We all want them to win every game, and their 27th World Championship this year. All our comments, thoughts, opinions, and observations are always with the best interests of the Yankees in mind … This Yankees team has been very inconsistent all year, and they have to put together a long winning streak down the stretch run to make it into the playoffs … I know they have the players to do it [many all-stars on the team], so it should be fun to watch, especially, all the games vs. the Boston Red Sox !!! … Michael, again, thanks for the visit … You are always welcome, and your attitude is fine with me – because its a winning attitude. A winning Yankees attitude!!! … Also, let me know when you start your own Yankees mlblog … I’ll be sure to be a regular visitor … Take care, Michael … Jimmy [27NYY] … Go Yankees !!!

  5. ricter

    Inconsistent and erratic! Its good to try to have a little bit fun with it though, and goof off a bit when talking about it….we love to make up silly names for players we don’t like!!!

    But all in all, baseball is life. i mean, its an every day sorta occurance. There is alsways something going on; its a big ole soap opera and i sometimes want to pull my hair out because of the drama.

    So jimmy, maybe you cna post something about how jeter has been basically sleepwalking through the season and hasn’t been an impact? i’d love to hear what you take is on that.

  6. ricter

    Hey jimmy-the blog seems to be experiencing some refreshing problems-it keeps bumping me off mid-comment…just wanted to let know incase you were unaware.

  7. jimmy27nyy


    Yeah, I agree, Derek Jeter has not had a very good year … He has hit a lot of ground balls, and really has not hit with too much power, or in the clutch, and has grounded into many double plays, leaving many runners on base … I think part of the reason goes back to early in the year when Jeter was hit on his wrist [and, arm] … His batting average went down from around that point in the season, and Jeter is probably playing some-what hurt … I don’t know … but, what we all do know, Jeter wants to play every game, and even if he was slightly injured, or still is playing hurt, he will not make a big deal about it – and, still go out there everyday and “give his best”, which is always 100% … He is certaintly the player we want at short, ’cause if Jeter isn’t in the lineup – who will play shortstop? … When it comes down to big game, though, I think Jeter will have a big game … But, the Yankees need to start winning, so we have some big games to play in September and October !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  8. jimmy27nyy


    In regards to your comments being cut off in mid-comment, I have never had that problem before, or has anyone ever mentioned that they had a similar problem … The only thing I can think of, is maybe, “sign-out” first and then enter your e-mail and password again [if you didn’t already do that] … Other than that, I don’t know what could be causing the problem … Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and please keep me updated if it continues to happen … Thank you, Michael … Jimmy [27NYY]

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Also, just another thought …

    Alex Rodriguez has [also] not been hitting in the clutch … I heard a stat today, that A-Rod is hitting .245 with runners in scoring position … and, A-Rod has [9] “tack-on” homeruns this year … Homers hit when the Yankees had at least a three-run lead, or more !!! … And, over the last few weeks, A-Rod has struck-out many times in key situations, leaving “go-ahead” and “winning” runs on base !!! … Not the kind of production we want from our clean-up hitter !!!

  10. jimmy27nyy

    The Tampa Bay Rays just scored six runs in the bottom of the 9th inning in today’s game vs. Cleveland, to win the game, 10-7 … The Rays are in this race until the end !!!

  11. ricter

    ok, now its working!

    I think the goal now should be the wildcard, because the rays have too big a lead and our pitching staff is a mess.

    I still think Tampa is playing way over its head and will get knocked off at some point. Their closer and bulpen and implode at any time.

    If the yankees can just get into the playoffs, they can be very dangerous in a short series.

    thats IF they can get there….thats a big if….

  12. jimmy27nyy

    Yeah, I just heard about Joba going on the 15-game DL … It was reported on WFAN about 15 minutes ago …

    I think the Yankees are going to bring up Kennedy to pitch on Saturday, in the game Joba was going to start … I hope Kennedy has made adjustments, because all the games the “rest of the way” will be “pressured-filled” … Earlier this year, Kennedy stated, maybe it was a good thing that he was going down to AAA-SWB … He said the pressure would not be as great … Well, I hope he got over this “problem” !!! … In New York – There Is Pressure In Every Game !!!

  13. jimmy27nyy

    After 6th innings …

    Jeff Karstens is pitching a “PERFECT GAME” vs. Randy Johnson, and the D-Backs … Pirates 1, Arizona 0

  14. jimmy27nyy

    Bottom of the 8th … Pirates 2, D-Backs 0

    With six outs to go, Karstens got the first two batters out … Then, on a, 1-1, pitch, Young hit a DOUBLE DOWN THE LEFT FIELD LINE – to end the PERFECT GAME !!! … Karstens got the next hitter out on a 4-3 grounder, for OUT NUMBER THREE … Into the top of the 9th … Pittsburg 2, Arizona 0

  15. jimmy27nyy

    The Pirates did not score in the top of the 9th… Score still: 2-0

    So, Jeff Karstens came out to pitch the bottom of the 9th … Walk … 1-6-3 DOUBLE PLAY … Two Outs … SINGLE UP THE MIDDLE … and, then Karstens got the Final Out Of The Game on an easy grounder to first … Out Number Three !!! … Final Score … Pittsburg 2, Arizona 0 … Former Yankees Pitcher, Jeff Karstens, pitched a Complete Game, One-Hit, 2-0 Shutout … He is now, 2-0, with the Pittsburg Pirates !!!

  16. ricter

    how much you wanna bet the yankees trade for karstens next year at the break?

    Thbis is actually one of the worst things that could happen to the pirates-if karstens turns out to be TOO good, they won’t be able to keep him!!!!!

    Nice through bobby…


  17. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Michael …

    Yeah, that was a hard collision at the plate … They had to help I-Rod down the stairs into the clubhouse. The way they hit at the plate, it could be I-Rod’s knee … It was good to hear that the Yankees still have Chad Moeller … He accepted an assignment to AAA-SWB, instead of becoming a free-agent. So, that is good news, in case any thing is wrong with I-Rod, and def for a call-up in September !!!

  18. jimmy27nyy

    Sidney is pitching another good game !!! … 1-2-3 inning … End of four: Yanks 4, Rangers 2 … A solid four innings for Ponson.

  19. David Blattman

    Thanks for the comment, Jimmy! Winning the last two games in the Angels series was nothing short of huge. As you said, getting swept would have been devastating. Right now the Yankees are in a bit of a hole in the AL East and the Wild Card but I think they will still get it done. Over the years, the Yankees have been the best second-half team in a baseball. I can honestly say that the Yankees will make the playoffs. You can never count them out. Hopefully they can hold onto their 5-3 lead right now. Every series from here on out is very, very important.
    -David Blattman

  20. jimmy27nyy

    Hey David …

    This game against the Texas Rangers is really a must win game for the Yankees … After winning the last two games against the Angels, and losing the first two games of this series, the Yankees need to get back on the winning track with a win tonight … Sidney Ponson pitched a great game, and so far the bullpen is holding the 5-3 lead … It will be Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the 9th for the save !!! … note: not very good leaving the bases loaded in the top the 9th by the Yanks … Two more insurance runs would have been nice … Let’s Go Mo !!!

  21. jimmy27nyy

    Mariano on the mound, [bottom of the 9th], Boggs up: Strike, Strike 0-2, outside, ball, 1-2, called STRIKE THREE – One Out … Laird the next batter: ball, K, K, K – Two Outs … Chris Davis up – Strike One, Single to left … Runner on first, two outs, Vazquez up: ball; called strike one; Strike two; 1-2 count … just outside, 2-2 … Grounder to third, force at second, Final out of the inning … Ball game over … The Yankees Win, The Yankees Win, The Yankees Win, 5-3, the Yankees Win !!!

  22. David Blattman

    A solid victory. Good thing they held on. Let’s see if the Yankees can split the series with a win over Texas tomorrow then turn things around with the upcoming three game series against the Angels starting on Friday.

  23. jimmy27nyy

    Big Win for The Yankees tonight … 5-3 Yankees !!!

    After the game, Derek Jeter was interviewed by Kim Jones [YES Network] … The Captain said this game, and win, was dedicated to Bobby Murcer … So, that makes this win even more special !!!

  24. jimmy27nyy

    Yes, David …

    Like you said, “A Solid Victory” !!! … We go for the split tomorrow night, and then, a sweep of the Angels over the weekend … Go Yankees !!!

  25. ricter

    Hey Jimmy-I was wondering if you could start a thread on discussing the yankees injuries and why they are happening. it seems that in the past few years, seemingly healthy, in shape players on this team have gotten wierd injuries-ab strains, pulled hammies, spontaneous shoulder strains…I mean, is there a logical explanation for all this, or is it just “baseball”?

    What do you think?

  26. jimmy27nyy

    Michael …

    Yeah, you’re right. There have been way too many injuries on the Yankees, and, throughout all of baseball this year. But, it does look like the Yankees have had more than their fair share of injuries … I think part of the reason, on the Yankees, anyway, is the fact that their everyday players are just “getting old” … Damon, Matsui, and Posada, are three examples … Wang’s injury, was running on the base-paths … And, regarding the pitchers, well, I think, in part the injuries could be a result of the way baseball clubs “baby” their young pitchers – starting throughout the whole minor league systems – limiting the amount of pitches they throw, then, overuse by the relievers in the bullpen, and, of, course, the 100 pitch limit – “pitch-count”. All these factors, plus others, are some of the reasons for the many injuries in baseball … Also, maybe, the players are just so-well conditioned, that they have way more muscles to pull, and hurt, causing these many injuries … Michael, this is an issue worth exploring, and maybe I will try to write a post dealing with some of these injury issues in a future post, and, or, comments. It is an issue that has affected just about every baseball team !!! … Thanks for all your comments, Michael. I look forward to all your future thoughts, and observations … Take care … Jimmy [27NYY]

  27. jimmy27nyy


    Yeah, hopefully, Phil Hughes gets called-up soon, as it does not look like Joba will pitch for awhile. Kennedy is scheduled to start Friday’s game vs. the Angels, and Giese will pitch on Saturady. So, the rotation could be: Mussina, Pettitte, Ponson [#3 starter – he’s pitching good], Giese, and Kennedy [or, Hughes] by the end of August … But, let’s win tonight, first … as, Mussina goes for #15 … Go Yankees !!!

  28. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jeff … Thanks for stopping by !!!

    Actually, Nady’s full name is, Xavier Nady VI … and, he has a son with the name, Xavier Nady VII … He’s carrying on the family tradition with the name … I think that’s just as cool as having “X” as his nickname … But, then again, I also have a number at the end of my name, James Curran, III … Hopefully, one day, there will be a James Curran, IV

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