Andy Pettitte Shuts-Down Rays, 5-0

Andy Pettitte authored a “masterpiece” yesterday, throwing eight-shutout innings against the AL East leading, Tampa Bay Rays, to lead the Yankees to a 5-0 victory. Pettitte (10-6) threw 114 pitches over his 8 innings of work, allowing only 4 hits, no walks, and striking out five.

The Yankees got all the runs they needed in the third, when Derek Jeter stroked a clutch, two-out, two on, two-run RBI double against Rays starter, Scott Kazmir, to give the Yanks an early 2-0 lead.

Up to that point, Kazmir (7-4) had struck out 5 of the first 6 batters he faced. But, Jeter’s big hit broke the ice in this game, and Andy Pettitte put the icing on the cake with his brilliant pitching effort.

The Yankees added three more runs in the eight inning on a solo homer by Melky Cabrera; and, a RBI double by Bobby Abreu, and a RBI single by Robinson Cano, to complete the scoring in this game. The question then was:  Would Joe Girardi let Andy Pettitte pitch the 9th inning for the 5-0 complete game shutout?

Well, in this era of “pitch-counts” and “over-worked bullpens”, Girardi felt 114 pithes by Pettitte was enough to remove him from the game. To be very honest, of course, I am happy the Yankees won this game, but, I’m always disappointed when the manager does not let a starting pitcher stay in the game to get the complete game; and, especially, the complete game shutout. If Pettitte was pitching a no-hitter, I think Girardi would have let him stay in the game. [I think?]. So, why not keep him in to complete the, 5-0, four-hit shutout.

Just one of those “things” in this great game of baseball that really annoys me, is all !!!

Anyway, this was an awesome win for the Yankees, as they sent a message to the Rays, and the Red Sox, that they are not going away, and will fight to the end, to win the AL East. Hopefully, this win will be the start of a very long winning streak !!!    



  1. thekfny28

    Andy Pettite was spectacular, he really was. He’s been great recently and he was great again yesterday. He attacked the strike zone with his breaking pitches and his cutter. His fastball was moving, and he was all-in-all excellent. Still, through the first 8 innings we only scored 2 runs, which I didn’t like. The offense has been below-average recently, but they’ve been picked up by the pitching. It’s only a matter of time before the pitching starts to struggle a little bit more, so if the Yanks offense continues to struggle, it won’t be a good mix. Still, the offense is going to get better because the talent is there. 4 game winning streak for the Yankees, WHOOO!
    -EJ/Kid From New York = Check out the blog and leave comments!

  2. kozmo

    It’s a fair question about removing Pettite after eight, Jimmy. My sense was that Girardi didn’t want to tax Pettite on such a hot and humid night, and felt turning it over to Mariano would have ended it soon enough. That the Yanks added on gave Mariano another day off. Plus, I think he was thinking long-term–not allowing Pettite to go to 125-130 pitches when the game was in hand after eight, saving a good but aging player for Toronto and beyond.

    That said, Pettite was great–the old Pettite versus Tampa. I’d love to see the Yanks win 3 of 4 or all 4 heading into the All-Star break, building up some real steam. They’re due and, having gained ground on Tampa (6 1/2 back) and standing only 3 behind Boston in the loss column with three games in hand, they’re slowly but surely getting into striking distance.

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jason …

    Yeah, I really didn’t expect to see Pettitte pitch the 9th [it would have been nice, though] … Maybe, if he had only thrown 90-95 pitches after 8 innings – Girardi would have let him go for the “complete game” shutout. But, even then, Joe Girardi probably [still] would have gone to the bullpen … Oh, the complete game shutout – such a rare stat these days !!! … But, the bottom line is “winning ballgames”; and, Andy Pettitte has had a great first half of the season … Even better news, is the fact that Pettitte always pitches well in the second half. So, the Yankees can look forward to [at least] 17-18 wins from Andy this season … Also, Mike Mussina is on pace for at least the same number of wins [17-18] … It is a shame that Mussina was not selected to the All-Star team … Mr. Mussina [in my view] should be the starting pitcher for the American League team !!! … Take care, Jason !!! … Jimmy …

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, EJ …

    Yes, Andy Pettitte pitched a great game, and like I said in comments above, has had a great first half, and will pitch even better in the second half [ending the season with at least, 17-18 wins] … And, I do agree – The Yankees still need to be more consistent in scoring more runs … But, I think as the hot days of July, August, and September roll around, the Yankee bats will also get hot, and I expect to see many games in which the Yanks will score, 7-8-9, or more runs … It’s only a matter of time – “this lineup is built to hit and score runs” !!! … So, let’s keep the winning streak going … It would be great to go into the All-Star break with an “Eight-Game Winning Streak” … All the Yankees have to do is beat Pittsburg tonight; and, then, sweep the Blue Jays in Toronto in their three-game weekend series … Go Yankees … Take care, EJ … Jimmy

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