Yankee Bats Finally Explode In 18-7 Win

The Yankees put on an early 4th of July fireworks display at the Stadium last night, as they avoided embarrassment of a possible sweep, by smashing the Rangers, 18-7. This “must-win” salvaged the final game of a three-game series against the Texas Rangers, and gave the Bronx Bombers much needed momentum as the Boston Red Sox are their next opponent, starting tonight [Thursday July 3th], in a big four-game Holiday weekend series at Yankee Stadium.

Maybe hearing Hank Steinbrenner’s words that the Yankee bats need to start producing some more runs was just the motivation the Yankees needed to break out of their hitting malaise. At any rate, this type of a win, right before an always important Red Sox series, was huge. Especially, even more so, since the Sox were just swept by the AL EAST leading, Tampa Bay Rays.

Jason Giambi was the hitting star for the Yankees, as he belted a grand slam [his 18th homer of the year] in the third inning; and, also, a two-RBI double in the 7th, driving home one-third of the Yankees 18 runs.

Alex Rodriguez also had a big night, going (2 for 3), including his 17th homerun, with two walks, while scoring 4 times, and driving home three runs.

Johnny Damon was (3 for 6), with three runs scored , and two RBI’s.

Bobby Abreu went (2 for 5), driving home two, and scoring three.

Robinson Cano, continued his hot hitting, going, (2 for 5), with a run scored, and a RBI, raising his batting average to .248.

Brett Gardner, playing centerfield, got his first major league hit in this game, and also, walked, drove home a run, scored two, and had a stolen base.

Sidney Ponson, released by the Rangers a few weeks ago, was the starting pitcher for the Yanks, and pitched okay for the first five innings. He looked like he was finished after he got the final out of the 5th, and I thought Joe Girardi would go to the bullpen in the next inning. But, with a 6-3 lead, Ponson took the mound to continue his start in the top of the 6th.

It was in this inning that the Rangers would put on a fireworks display of their own, as Ponson allowed two homeruns, both two-run blasts, by Milton Bradley, and Chris Davis, to give the Rangers a 7-6 lead.

The 6th inning disaster finally did end Ponson’s night, lighting up his numbers to the tune of 5 innings pitched, 9 hits, 7 earned runs, 3 walks, and only one strikeout.

But, the Yankees “light show” was just about to begin, as the 7th inning rolled around. 

The Yanks sent up 12 batters in the 7th, that produced 9 runs, and a 15-7 lead.

Bobby Abreu led off the inning with a double. Then, A-Rod walked. Both were driven home by an RBI double by Giambi, to move the Yankees back into the lead, 8-7.

Posada doubled home Giambi, plating the Yanks 9th run, and advanced to third on a single by Robinson Cano. Wilson Betemit hit a ground ball for the first out of the inning, which scored Posada to increase the Yankees lead to, 10-7.

Then, Brett Gardner got his first major league hit, driving home Cano; and, Johnny Damon, also, followed, with a RBI single, to bring the Yankees lead to: 12-7.

After Derek Jeter grounded out for the second out of the inning, Bobby Abreu, hitting for the second time in the 7th, walked, which set-up a three-run homer by Alex Rodriguez. Jason Giambi grounded out for the final out of the inning, but the damage was done. The Bronx Bombers unloaded their full arsenal, as they lit up the centerfield scoreboard for 9 runs in the bottom of the 7th, to take a 15-7 lead.

The Yankees put the final icing on this victory with three runs in the bottom of the 8th, highlighted by a two-RBI hit by Bobby Abeu [his team leading 54th and 55th RBI’s], and the 18-7 lead.

The bullpen was solid, pitching four scoreless innings. Ramirez, (2-0), the winner, pitched the 6th and the 7th; Farnsworth, the 8th; and, Hawkins closed out the game in the 9th.

So, the Yankees go into the Red Sox series with a record of: 45-40, four games behind the Sox, who, after losing five straight games, are: 50-37.

Tampa Bay is in first place in the AL EAST with a record of: 52-32 [that’s 20 games above .500]. Boston is 3.5 games out of first; and, the Yankees, are 7.5 games behind.

July 4th is George Steinbrenner’s birthday. A four-game sweep of the Red Sox is the perfect gift for our “Hall of Fame” owner. I think Hank and Hal [and all Yankee fans] would agree !!!   



  1. cv40

    I am sorry but Joe Giradi is in over his head, the team is not ready and proves it daily So many players do not appear to care if they play win or sit on the bench , The coaching staff doesn’t look or act competent enough to hold their position. All this is the realm of the manager and from one day to another the doesn’t seem interested enogh to make the moves that should improve the team. Do not know how or why Betimit is on any team much less the Yankees . This guy plays several positions and has no favorite one to screw up on . Routine plays consistantly are booted without any particular reason except doesn’t seem to care And hitting is not good at any level. This team is not ready or care and that relates to management. WRONG GUY WRONG TEAM

  2. thekfny28

    Mister, you appear to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, and I’m not talking about the blogger. I like Girardi, he’s a good manager who gets fired up instead of sitting there and staring at the field like Torre. He manages the bullpen much better, as well. Betemit has tremendous power. He has 4 home runs, which doesn’t seem like much, but if you actually saw those homers… they are long. He can play all 4 positions decently as well. If you’re going to trash the Yankees, find some accurate, real points instead of your opinion. And, learn to spell.
    I like the blog, man. Keep up the optimism.
    -EJ/Kid From New York

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, etanzi1,

    Thanks for checking out my blog, and offering an opinion on the very inconsistent play by the Yankees … I agree that moves need to be made to improve this team; but, I don’t think that the reason they are not playing very well is because of the Manager, Coaching Staff, and, or, Players, not caring, or wanting to win … From the first day of Spring Training every year, the goal of the Yankees is to “Win the World Series”… They are just not playing like a playoff team [so far] this season; and, things do need to change “very quickly” … After the 7-0 loss to the Red Sox [in the first game of the four-game weekend series], Joe Girardi showed how much he cares about this team by holding a closed-door meeting with all the players … I’m sure many of the issues that are causing the Yankees to lose were discussed, and, hopefully, the Yankees will start playing better ball – starting with today’s second game vs. the Sox … Little by little the Yankees are getting further behind Boston and Tampa Bay, and after yesterday’s 7-0 loss to the Red Sox, the Yanks are: 45-41 … There are only 76 games left to turn this season around, so the Yankees have to start scoring more runs, and put together a long winning streak. If they don’t do that soon [like starting in today’s game] time, and games, are just going to run out … Take care, etanzi1 … You’re welcome to stop by my blog anytime, as look forward to your future comments … Jimmy …


  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, EJ [Kid From New York],

    Thanks for the visit to my blog; and, also, the kind words about the blog … I do try to stay positive about the Yankees, and hopefully, they will turn it around soon, and start scoring more runs that will result in a long winning streak … I also think Joe Girardi is a good manager, and has done the best he could with this team [so far], considering all the injuries, and very inconsistent play by most of the players … It was a very embarrassing 7-0 loss to the Red Sox yesterday, and hopefully, the closed-door meeting by Girardi, after the game, with all the players, will show some results, and the Yankees will get back on a winning track … Time is running out, as there are only 76 games left in this season … The Yankees have to start winning “now” !!! … Take care, EJ … I will check out your blog; and, you are always welcome to visit, here, at my blog … I look forward to your future comments … Jimmy … http://baseballtheyankeesandlife.mlblogs.com/ … Just a side note: I saw you comments on the mlblogosphere.com blog … When you leave your blog name, always start it with http:// … Then others will be able to access it … so, your blog should be listed as:


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