Opening Night In The Beautiful Bronx

Well, yesterday’s home opener was rained-out, so the Yankees and the Blue Jays try it again tonight….

The Starting Lineups remain the same, with Roy Halladay pitching for the Jays, and Chien-Ming Wang getting the start for the New York Yankees.

Hopefully, there will be no rain tonight, as the forecast calls for 60 degrees temperature, cloudy, with a chance of rain. At least it is a lot warmer than yesterday, and as of the writing of this post [at about 6:00 p.m.], the sky looks clear, it is not raining, and they just removed the tarp from the Yankee Stadium infield !!!

Its time for Baseball !!!  So, it should be fun!  Go Yankees!

I will be “live-blogging” the game….All are welcome to join in the fun, and offer any comments you may have!   Enjoy the Game !!!

Starting Lineups…

Blue Jays                                                  Yankees

1. David Eckstein  (SS)                              1. Johnny Damon  (LF)

2. Shannon Stewart  (LF)                         2. Derek Jeter  (SS)

3. Alex Rios  (RF)                                       3. Bobby Abreu  (RF)

4. Vernon Wells  (CF)                                 4. Alex Rodriguez  (3B)

5. Frank Thomas  (DH)                               5. Jason Giambi  (1B)

6. Lyle Overbay  (1B)                                  6. Robinson Cano  (2B)

7. Aaron Hill  (2B)                                       7. Jorge Posada  (C)

8. Marco Scutaro  (3B)                               8. Hideki Matsui  (DH)

9. Gregg Zaun  (C)                                     9. Melky Cabrera  (CF)

Starting Pitcher: Roy Halladay                     Starting Pitcher: Chien-Ming Wang





  1. jimmy27nyy

    Wang gave up 2 hits….but, inning ended with a nice broken bat DP 4-4-3… Bad base running play by Rios…where was he going?

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Bottom of the 3rd….

    Jays 1, Yankees 1…..

    Wang is keeping his pitches down, and the Jays really aren’t hitting him that hard !!!….

    Jeter, first hit of the season!….He now has at least one hit in each of his last 8 home openers…Jeter out at second base, on the attempted SB….End of Three…… Jays 1, Yankees 1

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Mariano with the save!!!…Great opening night win for the Yankees…3-2

    Sorry, I didn’t stay up-to-date with the live-blogging of the game….I was commenting at “The Heartland” HDLR…there was a lot more “live-blogging” action over there….Thank You, Jason!!! …Just a side note: it is 10:19 p.m. here in the Bronx, and it is now pouring rain outside!!! I guess “The Babe” asked for some favors to hold the rain back until after the game !!!….

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