Opening Day! How Sweet That Sounds

The first game at Yankee Stadium was on April 18,1923, when Babe Ruth christened the new Park by hitting a 3-run homerun in a 4-1 Yankees win vs. the Boston Red Sox. 74,200 were in attendance that historic day as the Yankees started their journey to becoming the greatest Baseball and Sports franchise in the history of Sports. Today marks the final “Opening Day” at the “House That Ruth Built”, and will be the beginning of a very exciting Baseball Season here in the beautiful Bronx, New York. A Yankee victory will be a great way to start a new journey by the New York Yankees, a trip that will hopefully lead to the Yankees 27th World Championship! Best Wishes to the whole Yankee Organization…The 2008 Baseball Season will be fun to follow.  Go Yankees !!!


note: Today’s Opening Day,  Blue Jays vs. Yankees,  game was “rained-out” !!!

The game has been re-scheduled for tomorow night [Tuesday, April 1, 2008]  at 7:05 p.m….So,  Opening Day becomes “Opening Night” in the Bronx tomorrow at 7 pm…The wait continues for one more day!  Go Yankees!  Number 27 in 2008 !!! 

Opening Lineups…


Blue Jays                                                            Yankees

1. David Eckstein   (SS)                                       1. Johnny Damon   (LF)

2. Shannon Stewart   (LF)                                   2. Derek Jeter   (SS)

3. Alex Rios   (RF)                                                3. Bobby Abreu   (RF)

4. Vernon Wells   (CF)                                          4. Alex Rodriguez   (3B)

5. Frank Thomas   (DH)                                        5. Jason Giambi   (1B)

6. Lyle Overbay   (1B)                                          6. Robinson Cano   (2B)

7. Aaron Hill   (2B)                                                7. Jorge Posada   (C)

8. Marco Scutaro   (3B)                                         8. Hideki Matsui   (DH)

9. Gregg Zaun   (C)                                               9. Melky Cabrera   (CF)

Pitching:                                                              Pitching:

Roy Halladay (16-7, 3.71 ERA – ’07)                   Chien-Ming Wang (19-7, 3.70 ERA – ’07)


Notes before the game:

– Weather Forecast in New York: 45 degrees…Cloudy, with 30% chance of Rain…Just started to rain, as of 10:40 a.m….Wind, South at 6 mph…Humidity 56%


– Long-time public address announcer for the New York Yankees, Bob Sheppard, 97, will miss Opening Day because of health problems. Mr. Sheppard first started with the Yankees in 1951. His graceful voice echoing throughout the Stadium will be greatly missed. Hopefully, he will be back soon.


– Bobby Murcer will also miss the final Opening Day at the old Yankee Stadium. He is not feeling 100%, so he will remain at his home in Oklahoma. Bobby hopes to be back as soon as he is feeling well enough. Are prayers are with both Bob’s, Mr. Sheppard, and Mr. Murcer, that both will be back at the Stadium soon!


– Today [March 31st] is Chien-Ming Wang’s birthday. He is 28 years old, and we all know what he wants for his birthday…..A Big Yankee Win !!!  Happy Birthday, Chien-Ming. Best Wishes for many more!


– After 12 years of winning baseball with Joe Torre as Manager of the New York Yankees, another  Joe hopes to continue the winning Yankee Tradition, Joe Girardi. The Joe Girardi era begins today, and returning to the Bronx after a great Spring Training Camp, where all the players reported in excellent shape and are ready to have a big year.  We wish Joe and the Yankees all the best for a World Championship Season in 2008 !!!


I hope to “Live-Blog”most of the game. So, all are welcome to join in the fun…I look forward to all your comments, and a Yankee win !!!  



  1. kozmo

    Hey Jimmy, if nothing else, the game being rescheduled for tomorrow–if the rain holds out–means that we can live blog together. Feel free to drop by the HDLR, and I’ll be sure to come by BY&L to cross-post.

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Chris!

    Good Luck with your new Blog !!!…..I will check it out, later tonight!…The new MLBlogs sites are very cool looking, so I’m sure your new Blog “The Extreme Baseball Collector” will be bigger and better than ever…I look forward to your future Posts…..Yes, I will be watching the “Opening Night”, Blue Jay vs. Yankees game [on YES] at 7:00 p.m. [EST], and will be live-blogging the game. So, stop by tomorrow, and join in with your comments. And, of course, you are always welcome to offer comments any time!…Take care, Chris, until tomorrow’s game!!!………Jimmy

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jason!

    Maybe if we had snow here in New York today, the game would have been played….I was just watching the re-broadcast of the Yankees “1996 Home Opener” [on YES]…It was snowing throughout the game, but they did play the whole game, which the Yankees won!….I really “misremembered” this game being played in the snow, but I do recall we had a major snow storm of over 2-feet, in January of that year….We were lucky this year in NY, as we didn’t have any notable snow falls…..I kind of got off track there, but, I think its a great idea to “cross-post” while live-blogging tomorrow’s Blue Jays vs. Yankees “Opening Night” [starting at 7:00 p.m. – EST ]….So, it will be the first joint live-blogging event by the HDLR and BY&L….Until then, take care, Jason!…….Jimmy

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Chris!

    I checked out your new Blog…..It looks great! ….But, I can’t get through to comment….So, when you get the comments section all set-up, let me know. Thanks!…I will be live-blogging the Blue Jays vs. Yankees game tonight at 7:00 p.m. [EST]…..You’re welcome to join in with any comments!…Take care! …..Jimmy

  5. kozmo

    Lousy base-running by Rios assists the Yankees, getting Wang out of the jam. Let’s get runs early and often.

  6. kozmo

    Melky sure did flash the leather in the top of the fourth, making great plays on Overbay in right-center and left-center on Hill. Outstanding.

  7. jimmy27nyy

    Nice catch by Melky !!!….And, another great diving catch by Melky !!!…..The Melk-man delivers !!!!……

    Hey Jason! I have been listing comments on your Blog, and also, on my “new post”…So, I checked back to this post …and, here you are !!! …. Wang is pitching good, so is Halladay !!!….End of the 4th…..Jays 1, Yankees 1

  8. jimmy27nyy

    Sorry for the lack of proper updating during the game….I tried to live-blog as much of the game as possible, but all the action was over at “The Heartland” HDLR. So, I was commenting there most of the game…Thanks, Jason…..And, about the game… the wait was worth it, as the Yankees had a nice win…also, at this writing, it is now pouring rain outside [here in the Bronx]….So, a very perfect night, as the rain stayed upstairs until the game was over !!!….Congratulations to all the Yankees, and especially, Joe Girardi, on his first Yankee win as Manager !!!

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