“Hello there, everybody” !!!

…The title quotes the famous opening line that the great Yankee broadcaster, Mel Allen, would use at the start of each Yankee game that he announced. I think this is a good way to start the first post on my new mlb.com / mlblog: …”Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”…

Hi, my name is Jimmy Curran; and, Baseball is my passion!

I’m a life-long Yankees fan, born, raised, and still living in the beautiful Bronx, New York. My passion for Baseball and the Yankees started during the Horace Clarke days of the late 1960’s, [1967, ’68, ’69, etc.]. During those days, listening to Phil Rizzuto talk about the great Yankee players and teams of the past, began my learning experience of the great “Yankees Tradition”, which led me to become a life-long, die-hard, Yankees fan!

The link to the past is so important, even to this present day. That’s why the passing of Phil Rizzuto this year was very sad for many reasons. But, regarding the Yankees and Yankee Tradition, his death is so profound because it ends a very vital link to the past that traveled back to the 1930’s…

It’s great that my all-time favorite Yankee player, Bobby Murcer, is still part of the Yankee family and in the broadcast booth. He continues the connection to the past with the same class and grace that Phil Rizzuto always did. But, Bobby’s reach only goes back to the late 1960’s…which shortens that link to “Yankee Tradition”, and history, just a little bit more. The only true great Yankee icons of the past, (before 1960), that still provide a link to the earlier days of Baseball, are: Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford…I don’t know if he said this, but if Yogi Berra contemplated all of this, he might say: the past is further away than it used to be!; or, the past is not as close as it once was!

For all the enjoyment we received through the years, (from: Phil Rizzuto, and Bobby Murcer), may we keep the memory of Phil Rizzuto alive in our hearts by including him in our prayers; and, also, may we pray that Bobby Murcer continues on the road to a full recovery in his battle against cancer. May Our Lord always bless them both!

So, as I begin my Blog, this starts a new and interesting journey for myself. I look forward to all the fun ahead…discussing, and exchanging comments, ideas, thoughts, and opinions about “Baseball”, the “Yankees” and other interesting observations of everyday “Life”…

“Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”…

Yes, they all are very good!!!

Take care, for now – as our attention shifts to Nashville, TN, and all the excitement of the Baseball Winter Meetings!

Is there really an off-season in Baseball anymore?

May we all find our own “Field of Dreams”!

— Jimmy


Special Edit:  After a long and courageous battle against brain cancer, New York Yankees, “legend”, Bobby Murcer, 62, passed away on Saturday, July 12, 2008, at Oklahoma City Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Kay; son, Todd; daughter, Tori; and, five grandchildren.

Bobby Murcer is my all-time favorite Yankees player; and, truly a favorite player of many Yankee fans. Like the title of his book states, Bobby was, “A Yankee For Life” !!!

He was part of the Yankees Organization for 40 years, as a player and broadcaster, and a major part of the great New York Yankees “History” and “Tradition”. Bobby will be truly missed, but will always be alive in our hearts and memories.

Bobby Murcer, “Thank You”, for the many great moments of enjoyment you have given to baseball, and to all Yankee fans; May God reserve a very special place for you in Heaven; and, May you always, “Rest in Peace” !!!

 — Jimmy Curran, “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”

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